Superbooth 22: Random Source - Serge Modules

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

Matthias at Random Source welcomed us to his booth and let us look at his new modules, an evolution of classic Serge units.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Matthias, having gained the blessing of Serge Tcherepnin is producing new versions of the original modules, but with improved tracking and expanded features.

Price and availability TBC. 

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💬 Comments

They look nice but more synth sounds would have been good in this video for those of us who can only afford the Serge fridge magnets.

Author — Alan C


Awesome stuff, would love to get some Serge in my life.

Author — Kira Barsmith


That's beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Author — temporoboto


I like the shorting bar pendant the presenter is sporting

Author — Robert Syrett


beats any TE OP-1 anytime

with the price of course 😕

Author — MarkoDeLaVoota


OMG. Gonna have to pause notifications from this channel because these super booth videos are flooding my feed

Author — ghost mall


I wish I could walk around superbooth and take in all the farts

Author — glad lawson


Could someone go to the ERM multi clock booth and ask them to devise an app to sync iOS daws to the iPad Pro or phone via Ableton link or whatever. Garage band I think runs a 24 ppq but there is no clear method to sync to mobile daws and now that Logic is actually coming to the m1 iPad pros for sure it’s a very important firmware update they need to make happen asap! Please let me know what they say . Don’t let them tell you it’s in their shitty manual either cause nothing in there works the way it’s says it does in that excuse for a manual . Lots of us need a clear answer on camera maybe even a demo? Lean on them please it’s the most expensive sync box with the shittiest tutorials and information out there on how to optimize it to absolutely sync everything it touches / connects too. 👽🙏

Author — Christo Roppolo