Don't OVER-PAY for Cameras & Capture Cards! | Cam Link Alternatives Recommendations & Ideas

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Don't OVER-PAY for Cameras & Capture Cards! | Cam Link Alternatives Recommendations & Ideas 5

(Stay past the first camera, I started with the worst. It gets better.)
Today's video is all about finding the right deals on cameras, capture cards, and webcams. The current global situation has the capture card and camera market turned upside down, and I don't think it makes sense to over-pay so much for these devices. Let's talk about alternative recommendations! I want to save you money on a cam link or webcam.
NOTE: When looking for a capture card that works with Skype, look for "UVC" in the name or feature set.

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📹 GoPro Hero 5 Black:
📹 GoPro Hero 6 Black:
(There's also the R600, R700, R800, etc. etc.)
💻 AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 2:

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Really confused by the amount of comments about the background and general cleanliness. The space his desk is in is his production area and is where he shoots the bulk of the content that gets posted. It is also where he stores all his production gear in addition to any review samples that may be sent his way. We all can't be the Lew's and MKB's of the world who can afford to have a warehouse renovated simply for production purposes. And that's not a knock against them either, they've got the resources to accommodate something like that. But Vox's workspace reflects the message that he tends to send in his videos: that being work with what you got. And right now he's got that room. If ya'll are interested in helping him get a better more spacious production area please consider clicking the Join button or subscribing on Patreon or simply by subscribing and clicking the bell if you haven't done so already.

Author — TheIceOrb


Wow! You just saved me from buying some expensive gears just to be able to do live streaming!, I havent started doing live streaming with multi angle cam setup and line-in audio for better audio quality experience, being a band doing live streaming from home doing live jam sessions, we neeed multi angle setup along with having a nice clean audio option. Can u please suggest how do we go about that?, if u already have any video in that. Would be really helpful.
Namaste from India.

Author — Madhavas Rock Band


Oh man that Hauppauge HD PVR just brought back so many memories of the old Call of Duty days!, its crazy how Hauppauge was Elgato's only real competition back in the day and now it's being listed as a budget option, Elgato had the smallest lead because of one little feature in their software (it was always recording your gameplay no matter what so you could rewind an hour or 2 and capture any gameplays you might have missed, you didn't have to press a button before every game like you did on the HD PVR) but my lord did they RUN with it!

Author — JYMBO


Stop teasing this baby thing, why is there no full review yet ? NDA or something ?

Author — n0va25000


"current human malware situation"... that's how I am referring to this situation from now on 😂🤣

Author — Daniel Martin


4:00 Honestly I thought it looked better before XD

Author — Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator


(Stay past the first camera, I started with the worst. It gets better.)

Author — EposVox


God I remember when I was starting out Youtube, the HD PVR was all the rage, its so weird seeing it in 2020 🤣

Author — Swindy


"I just had a baby, I got bills to pay." I LOL'd at that so hard.

Author — Donald James


I've literally been trying to find this exact kind of video. All capture card/camera recommendations were all Pre-Quarantine. And I pretty much, only trust your recommendations. Thank you so much! And congrats on being a father!

Author — Pizza Dad


I tested my very old camcorder from back in 2011 the Sony HDR-CX130E.
it has a clean HDMI out even if there is some UI on the screen of the camcorder. 720p/1080p with 50 or 60 FPS (depends if you have the PAL or NTSC version of it)
also the display can be turned on the whole time and the power adapter can either load the camera with the battery, without it would just power the camera so you don't have to worry about getting an adapter or something.

the video is a bit noisy but not too much.
you can get it for 60-80 €/$
but I think newer model would be better

Author — OverDev


This is absolutely essential especially for musicians having to figure out how to adjust to twitch while shows aren't an option. Thank you and congrats on your baby!!

Author — OLAN


Thanks for this - really good info, I live in the low end and can't afford the top line stuff - appreciate these suggestions - cheers.

Author — AdmV0rl0n


"the current human malaware situation" is the best thing I've heard all week

Author — Cartr


Great video! Midway through, I actually went on amazon and canceled the $900 camera I just So uhhhh, THANK YOU!!!!

Author — Maddd Maxxx


Yo Vox! You encouraged me to start streaming a long time ago and I've always like these videos where there's a critical point of view. Keep up the amazing videos and congrats on parenthood!

Author — ElektrikAlex


I've been searching for a mobile app that allows you to use your smartphone as a webcam (and retain good quality) and THE BEST solution I found (for iphone users) is to use OBS Camera. It's like 10$. This app is amazing. It lets you control your bitrate, resolution, fps, brightness and all of that! It even supports NDI! There's an OBS plugin so it can work trough usb and there's basically no latency or it's very minimal. I've been using it for years and it's been magical. You get the amazing iphone camera to be your webcam! Now that the new iphone se came out people could get amazing webcam quality for the cheap if they buy that phone anyway.

Author — Simas Kačiušis


So you’re saying I shouldn’t buy a $600 camlink? 😂 Foreal though, thanks for this. I feel so sorry for anyone... silly enough to pay these insanely inflated prices.

Author — NARC


For the go pros, I would personally recommend the go pro hero 2018 used from eBay because you can easily change the firmware to a go pro hero 5 black. The go pro hero 2018 is just a nerfed hero 5 black. I got it on eBay for $76 and the hacking process was as easy as dragging a couple files to the sd card and clicking update firmware.

Author — Andy Knapp


Awww! Welcome cutie! Congratulations to Mom and Dad.

Author — Michael Knight