How to 'KITELOOP' - Tricks of the Trade with Tom Court

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So this is a trick with so many variables that can effect the outcome and some of the things that can go wrong, can be painful so don't go out and try this unless you are ready. Full commitment is needed for the loop, even if it goes wrong, most of the time you need to make sure you loop the kite fully. Commitment is key, using your upper body weight to lean back against the kite's pull and maintaining you body position in the air, keep this move in. control. However the wind is always different and this isn t for the faint hearted. I wouldn't advise to do this on a kite bigger than a 9m, especially if powered!

Any questions about kite loops, the kite loop or any variations of kite loop that you want to learn. Ask bellow in the comments.

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What skill level would you recommend being at before trying a kiteloop, how high should you be able to jump before trying one ?

Author — Tadhg Hanley


Nice vid man! Could be nice if we could see a 3'rd person perspective as well :)) It is quite difficult to get an idea of high high you jump with that Gopro Max ;)

Author — Clement K. Rasmussen


Well explained Tommy and good vids. 👍🏼

Author — Stewart Campbell


Thanks for the video.!!!
"Slowly. It is not better" :-)

Author — Michael Tietz


Awesome. If you could do one on the boogieloop, it would be nice.

Author — yann dabadie


What's the recommended kite size learning this?

Author — Thegussbus


Tom, i’m advenced kiter. I have a vegas 2016 (12) and dice 2016 (8m). I want to sell those and buy only one 12 or 13m for big air, kiteloops and old school tricks.. what stuff you sugest? Evo or Dice ?

Author — Use Your Brain


I still havent mastered to pull the trigger in stronger winds. frustrating ^&^%$

Author — Simme Volkers


I really want to learn to 'STOMP IT' How does one do that?
Chin Chin x

Author — bowmosexual


What’s the model for 3rd person view mount ?

Author — Tamer Shaaban


Too bad this one isnt adding much value! Really liked your how to jump with a tt! But you should have taken this a bit further doing a megaloop, kiteloop with downloop or kiteloop with rotation! This is real basic and is covered by so many vids out there! Anyway thanks

Author — May Witjes