Communicating with Ghosts in Haunted Prison (WARNING)

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Communicating with Ghosts in Haunted Prison (WARNING) 5

Halloween Special - PART 1.
In this video myself and Elliot embark on an organised ghost hunt at the famously haunted and England's first ever prison: The Clink. Opened in 1144 until 1780, this medieval prison was a place of torture. Poltergeist activity has been reported here, as well as cries and chains heard, plus figures pacing around the Bishop's room.

Nothing is fake, pre-planned or any of that bullshit. We want answers and through making these videos, hopefully we shall get them.

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as if he filmed that couple kissing i'm laughing so much

Author — touchdalight


They should go back again to see if that irish lady is there again or if they use the same story

Author — Ryan Robbins


All an act, the Irish woman screamed in the original room and said she’d been pushed and then took control of the ouija board and everything was based around her - 100% an actor!

Author — Zack Oliver


If he wasnt born then how does he know his name?

Author — Daniel Woodward


Joe: trust me I'm watching there fingers very closely

Author — Makenzie Wilson


Super serious, intense, dark and scary moment comes up as the ghost reveals its relation to the girl.

Joe: So do you like football?

Author — SARO


The Irish woman was putting force on it

Author — Jake


'i'm not a lady' lmao i laughed so hard

Author — Yuri


Love how the ghost of a 33 year old boy knows how to text chat X on an ouiji board

Author — H


When they asked what the name was, I was really hoping it was going to be Dedoid.

Author — Dom S


people: asking normal questions

joe: Do YoU lIkE fOoTbAlL

Author — F_HRDN


I bursted out laughing when he said "I`m not a lady" lmao

Author — HeyItsErin


am i the only one around here who doesn't believe that the ouija board has "powers'?

Author — Isoscel1982


This is fake cause the only reason why it said for the girls to play it is cause the girls are acting. That's why it didn't move when they boys who are not in the act, so she asked for he question "do you prefer to speak with the girls?" So they can get rid of the boys so they can go on with there act

Author — RiiChiE


That 100% wasn’t her brother that she was speaking to.

Author — The UK Coin Cabinet


I can't believe that shite. Why would the girl's brother be in the prison if he died before birth?

Author — Harryhas26


11:00 "What is your first name?"

Author — stop that


He knows about English yet he is unborn.🖖🏼

Author — Tenbre


Are you a child?
Ghost: yes
Me: that's even scarier than a male ghost

Author — DR T


Anyone else just want peeves from Harry Potter to show up?

No just me??

Author — Drøøling Bxby