Pulled through an Underground River! (Cave Drift Dive)

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

In this exciting cave diving episode, Jonathan, Todd and Zach attempt the famous drift dive at Manatee Springs State Park in Florida. It starts at Friedman Sink (barely a puddle in the woods!) and ends at Catfish Hotel, another sinkhole. Drift diving in a cave is definitely not something you do very often!

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If you want the behind-the-scenes scoop on this episode, check out the VLOG!

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💬 Comments

Hey Everyone, the VLOG about the episode was just released over on @BlueWorld_plus. If you want the inside scoop on this dive, watch the VLOG!

Author — BlueWorldTV


One of the scariest dives yet. Imagine being the 1st person to make this dive. Thanku sharing the video with us. Enjoyed watching.

Author — Dreadnoughtus


One warning for visiting cave divers, check with the locals before attempting any dives like this. A Chinese team attempted the similar traverse from Catfish to the Manatee a couple of years ago after a DEMA show in Orlando. What they didn't know that a couple of years before they came, a large rock fell that blocked the exit to the Manatee, and it was no longer easily passable. One died, and one ended up in the hospital.

Author — Team Peg Leg


You are getting pretty close to Gold my friend.

Author — Elizabeth Swims


This dive looks awesome! Great trim and buoyancy shown, great line awareness...good stuff guys!

Author — DIVE TALK


Honestly great to see you travelling again for shoots. Such an awesome episode

Author — Blue Horizon Diving


im really happy to see you still uploading! I remember as a little kid I adored the underwater world, and I really loved watching your videos and learning about all the different creatures. Keep it up and hope to see you hit 1 mil soon!

Author — Jonas Kauffman


This is like those shows I used to watch as a kid on discovery channel. I’m now an adult and enjoy finding channels like this. The quality is superb.

Author — Tomato Steve


I love seeing how throughout these 12 years you’re still just as enthusiastic about teaching

Author — Positive Neutral Stuff ?


Incredible dive, was kind of tense there for a bit, thank you for sharing another wonderful adventure. Now, can we see the Manatees? :)

Author — Marilyn Alvarez


this man never misses to impress me on his dives

Author — ItzRazer


When will you come dive here in Brazil? You’re my inspiration, thank you for your videos, you’re one of the reasons for me being a diver today! 💙

Author — Cindy Marie Tiso


that's Awesome!! and weird to see that current in small low sections like that!!
waiting for more and more! love you guys!

Author — Bannour Salem


That was a little freaking. I don't think I could do that one, bc I like being in control of my dives. I'm just not going to give up control that easy, IMO.
Well done boys my hat goes off to you for that one,
Chris from Missouri

Author — stilcrazychris


Fantastic video as always, this looks amazing, I was going to try drift diving in america one year ago but the covid came 😅. Keep up the amazing content 💙💙💙

Author — Anakin200623


I am curious how the first divers who discovered it found that there were other exits at the end of the drifts. How do they know that how safe those dives were when they first discovered it? How did they test out those kind of caves where there are drifts before they explored? I imagine the first explorers, once they come into the drifting channel they can't come back the way they entered. Do they send ropes, cameras or some kind of equipment before they dive there to know there's an exit? So many questions xD

Author — Zee Delgado


Another great episode, the animals were a nice bonus!

Author — Bender Bending Rodríguez


Incredible, another world under a tiny pond in the wood 😯

Author — Ano nymous


This was another awesome adventure with the amazing Johnathan Bird, also hope y'all had a good day.

Author — Dynamosaurus Imperious2


I admit this was the most shivers I've ever felt down my spine with Jonathan's many videos, fun but still very spooky.

Author — James Kellogg