Kim Jong Un: The Rise of a Dictator

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Kim Jong Un: The Rise of a Dictator 4.5

Behind the modernized façade of Pyongyang, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un rules one of the world’s most repressive states. And he has proven to be far more brutal and strategic than anticipated. Photo Illustration: David Chan

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“History isn’t kind to men who play God”

Author — MatthewClarkson


FACT: 80% of the food in North Korea is eaten by Kim Jong Un

Author — Kiwi


Voting system in North Korea :
Do you love kim jong un?
Yes or Yes

Author — Wibowo Gunawan


Of course something is fishy, he goes from threatening the US to wanting to be our best friend over night lol

Author — Da blah


They don't love this man at all lol. They're forced to or they'll die.

Author — E Maniac 7


6:56 I've seen him in so many things but never heard him talk before.

Author — NathanSavageDamage


Kim Jong Un: The rise of a serial killer.

Author — V T


4:10 poor woman here entire life is a lie 😥😥

Author — Ali Hassan


6:57 wasn’t expecting him to sound like that

Author — Tom Young


3:48 some people didn't clap. They are going to die, rest in peace

Author — AstralCoxeus


If KIM is a dictator, what do you call KING OF SAUDI atleast women drive cars in North Korea, women just had the right to drive car in Saudi last week

Author — Tsar


Who else is confused that America goes mental about other countries having nukes but they have around 6000 of them and Russia has a load as well??

Author — Reece Adams


7:00 even as a Korean myself and hear often about North Korea on our news, this is the first time hearing him speaking woah

Author — Daniel


Of course they admire him, thats all they've known for their entire life without going abroad, why? because its forbidden by kim jong un

Author — akira hellkaiser


3:51 I saw the sadness in very one’s eyes

Author — Cheesy Studio


US warmongering media complaining about dictators?? who's the worse dictator in the middle east? isn't it the US who slaughtered 500 thousand babies in Iraq in 1993 and said it was worth it, only to move forward to 2003 and the illegal invasion in the same place to kill more 600, 000 civilians then Libya, then Syria! shameless ZOG talking about dictators while bombing 7 countries! north Korea is Teletubby in front of US!

Author — Nafees Unnisa


Kim went to university in Sweden, so he’s actually a pretty smart guy

Author — Vladimir Lenin


''Expect more drama from the NK dictator''.. while doing so, also don't forget to close your eyes and ignore the US conducting military drills next to NK, flying nuclear bombers next to NK borders, and openly declaring they want a regime change. The mainstream media is a joke, i feel pity for anyone small minded enough to believe this garbage without questioning the other side of the argument.

Author — ILoveCoffee


Since a few years ago I had always convinced many of my S.Korean ‘s friends that KimJong Un is not a crazy guy but a clever military genius, an underdog keeping his powerful US enemies on their toes, bewildered and confused, his missiles are for defensive performance, scaring everyone from attempting to invade his rich minerals abundant resources said to worth one trillion US dollars, to his peoples, he’s their SAVIOUR.

Author — Francis Lim


When u r going to die RIP as soon as possible Kim jung Man 😈😈😈😈😡 ....feel for NK people 😢😢

Author — Spandu Spoo