Top 10 Satisfying Villain Deaths In Video Games

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Top 10 Satisfying Villain Deaths In Video Games 5

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💬 Comments on the video

Who else played makrov's death scene more than once?

Author — Art25000


"Have you ever met that villain that just doesn't ever stay dead?" Oh you mean like Bowser? :|

Author — ZenithGaming


i played makarov's death more than once, about 50 times

am i normal?

Author — Slade Wilson


1. Makarov
2. Shepherd
3. Carver (Walking Dead S2)
4. Dimitri Rascalov (GTA IV)
5. Big Smoke (GTA SA)

Author — Khan Khan


My Top 5
1. Edgar Ross
2. Dimitri Rascalov
3. Vladimir Makarov
4. Uberto Alberti
5. Vamp

Author — Raushan Latiff


the last of us its the best game i have ever played !

Author — Haku`s Secret


Even though the game wasn't out when this list was made, Rais's death from Dying light

Author — JoJaDerr •


The most satisfying death for me is Rafe's death in Uncharted 4

Author — TheIronDoge


Vladimir was my #1 he killed literally everyone in an airport nuked half of America ordered and ordered an invasion on America

Author — Kamdyn Wyvill


The villain I was most happy to se go down was Father Elijah in the Fallout NV Dead money DLC. After what he did to us New Vegas gamers, he SO deserved it

Author — Starman Gaming


Mother brain in Super Metroid, after she kills the baby metroid and you get the hyper beam, you killed my metroid DIEEEE!!!

Author — Mauricio Sanchez


Makorov and Mendez call duty omg that was sadisfying

Author — Max Girard


Charles Lee has to be on this list or dislike

Author — Shinsuke Nakamura


Dang, i thougt either dr.trager or eddie gluskin from outlast and outlast:whistleblower was going to here, but it looks that i am wrong

Author — Heywood Jablowme


For me the most satisfying death was Dimitri Rascalov's in Gta 4

Author — Moosbauer


Tarturus halo 2 I was so happy when he died

Author — James Woodhouse


I loved killing macorove he killed soap my favorite character and the murderer of thousands of innocent people

Author — parralel omega


"See you around, Officer."

the best thing i've ever heard when i finished GTA SA.

Author — Doctor Blaxk


Killing Nero and his son in Ryse Son of Rome

Author — AHTheCat


Echigoya from 'Tenchu: Stealth Assasins'. "my money...mmy moneyyy!""You won't need it where you are going"

Author — Cavenchy01