The ALTER Files: Creepy Creatures

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Ring in the weekend with our freak "Creepy Creatures" compilation!

"Creepy Creatures" Features:
"Tracks" by Joseph Brett
A woman walking along a beach tracks footsteps in the sand - but is something tracking her?

"Here There Be Monsters" by Drew McDonald
A young girl falls asleep on the bus ride home and wakes up trapped in the yard with something lurking outside - something big.

“Oscar's Bell” by Chris Cronin
Duncan and his dog Oscar have gone on their weekly camping trip into the wilderness together. However, when Duncan looks out into the woods, something else looks back.

"Still" by Jeremy Nocon
After the brutal death of her parents, a young woman has visions of nefarious shadows through sleep paralysis.

“Meow” by Chris Jopp
When a young woman takes in a stray cat, a series of bloody occurrences begin to happen.

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The young actor in ‘Here there be monsters’ is so talented! Great work Savannah!

Author — Donna Norman


"Oscar's Bell". This film is the stuff of nightmares. You just never know what's actually among your midst.

Author — J Blue


'Here There Be Monsters' was very profound. The way she was treated trapped her on that bus with monsters. Mentally people do get trapped, and enraged, by things that occur to them in this world. Some become monsters themselves-consumed by anger & hate. I felt very deeply for the girl when she was crying. At the end her demeanor changed drastically. She wasn't crying. Great work!

Author — Fido


"Here There Be Monsters" is a special kind of film, I think. Pain, humiliation, fear, etc. expressed in so many aspects but with bitter revenge and courage too. That young lady played her part so well, and I have to say as the scene shot moved to her face in the backyard in the end, she was so beautiful and looked so mature, and confident, but in a strange way. I'm probably not explaining it well, but it's hard to describe the feeling you get when something hits you, isn't it? Great collection of stories, Thank you!

Author — JessicaIsCuriousGoods 😉


The child in the first short is an amazing actor. Absolutely fantastic, especially from the beginning. Wow.

Author — Kryssay


It is very rare that a compilation of shorts holds my attention from beginning to end and this is exactly what this one does. Right off the bat Here There be Monsters and Oscar’s Bell set the tone for a totally enjoyable watch. I usually do other projects while having shorts like these running in the background only looking up when the music cues promise something interesting. This was not the case here because my eyes could not leave the screen and my brain screamed wanting move of each tale. Whoever put this together knew what they were doing by giving all these talented artist a forum to shine. Every single story made me research either who the creators and / or actors were in each short which is not something I don’t normally do. Brava!

Author — SardonicApple


Wow!? *How did I not find this channel years ago!?* I've been a horror fan since I was just a young boy back in the mid 80's so this channel is a treat! Thank you, *Alter* for providing awesome horror content for us!! It's greatly appreciated by my and by so many others...🤘😝👍

Author — a modern alchemist


I've been watching horror since the mid seventies and it takes a lot to frighten me. This series was amazing.

Author — Patrizia


'Oscar's Bell' was very good, I didn't expect the final outcome, & 'Meow' was well acted & had a great twist at the end, that's right, the Cat always gets the blame :)

Author — Raed Gaj


I wanna say it bothered me a bit that the girl in the sleep paralysis film didn't lay back on the cough and sat down instead but I guessed there was too much on her mind to relax and the last film kind of gave me a little bit of goosebumps feel. The outro felt classic. 😅 Pleased. 😁

Author — Gilberto Banuelos


Oh man, one of my favorite videos EVER is Here There Be Monsters. DO NOT continue reading if you have not seen this video before!!
The actress is amazingly talented and I've watched this at least three times already. But the writing, the whole message behind this video is so universal and so true. She had to get strong, she HAD to fight back and when she was literally "backed in the corner, " she realized she only had two choices. FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Bless her, she fought this time. Thank you ALTER, this beautiful young actress is going to go far!

Author — neverthesame


Que curta incrível e me emocionei de mais no final ❤ lindo

Author — Thatá_Vieira1986


Here There Be Monsters speaks to me in so many ways I had to live through but it wont turn me into a monster like she was in that short

Author — Dylan Trott


This was a great mix! I love me a good creature feature

Author — Ryan P J K-Sproule


i love this channel - never get rid of these compilation days!!!! :)

Author — CAMBY


The shapeshifter monster in Oscar’s Bell was my favorite.

Author — Micah Hostetter


as someone who went through bullying like this. its not fun it shows how cruel the world is.

Author — Caitlyn Bunch


I noticed the Gremlins 2 poster in Meow, awesome.

That one had a humorous 80's movie parody vibe, it was amusing.
Glad it turned out the way it did.

Author — Kamike Serpentail


In the first one that wasn't a monster but her internal fears. She had enough and just don't give shit about consequences. Sometimes I also want to do such things but the consequences of that stop me



The young girl in "here there be monsters" was amazing! ❤️

Author — EinieN J