Weegee Plays - LISA [REUPLOAD]

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This is a reuploaded supercut of an old let's play that used to be on my main channel. The reason I deleted it (along with all of my other let's plays) is because it no longer reflected the type of content I was creating and felt out of place. That said, I still hold all of these series very near and dear to my heart, and wanted to share them with all of you once again. Enjoy!

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Dudes this game is good, I can’t believe this dissapeared

Author — Fading Survival


One of my favorite RPGs of all time played by one of my favorite funny men of all time. Pure bliss.

Author — Ghoul King Gruul


I enjoy both Weegees. I like the loud one and the quiet one. It’s nice

Author — Evane Plurmp


I hope some of the fwob boys play this some time.

Author — Nick Allen


8 hours, definitely watching the whole thing over the course of a few days

Author — BuhBuhBuh


Second time I'm gonna watch this whole thing cause this game is beautiful and weegee make it so much funnier

Author — Golden Lightning


Yessss. I asked about this video on a stream once (I think it was Chris Robin) and asked if you FWOB boys would play it. Even if you guys never do, (I would like you + Dylan on this) this will suffice. In fact, im pretty sure this video introduced this game to me, which is now my favorite game of all time. So thank you. As a very long time sub I hope you upload more soon and love watching your content on FWOB, here, or on WTG. *Shaq kissey face*

Author — Bee Bee


good to see this new content creator with this new game on the come up

Author — Kira


A must play rpg imo
Up there with persona 3 and FF9

Author — Aubrey Skipper


Episodes (so far):
ep 1 - 00:00:00
ep 2 - 00:15:22
ep 3 - 00:32:19
ep 4 - 00:49:08
ep 5 - 01:05:23
ep 6 - 01:24:37
ep 7 - 01:40:24

Charmy Killed

ep 8 - 01:59:45
ep 9 - 02:17:15
ep 10 - 02:33:03

Men's Hair Club Killed

ep 11 - 02:48:02
ep 12 - 03:03:46

Sweet Tea Rakeem Killed

ep 13 - 03:22:56

The Red Brothers And Others Killed

ep 14 - 03:42:17
ep 15 - 03:58:13
ep 16 - 04:14:08

Horrace Finkel Killed

ep 17 - 04:30:12
ep 18 - 04:47:12
ep 19 - 05:04:56

Lil' Nuggie Killed
Wally Killed

ep 20 - 05:22:33
ep 21 - 05:38:27

The Gents Killed

ep 22 - 05:55:16
ep 23 - 06:13:34
ep 24 - 06:30:09

Author — LazyRasta


What the fuck, 8hours of yes, thank you

Author — Fher Villa


is this undertale, i mean earthbound, i mean uh sans skeleman gam hahaha!

Author — Animaster


8 hours. Sorry but I'm not watching this whole thing

Author — StarKnight 54