A History of Britain - The Humans Arrive (1 Million BC - 8000 BC)

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A History of Britain - The Humans Arrive (1 Million BC - 8000 BC) 4.5
In this first episode we go back to the very beginning of human life of Britain.

Note: The exact identity of the human species found at Happisburgh is a little more up in the air than this video makes it sound. Currently academic consensus looks to be moving towards Homo antecessor as the correct identity, however the stone tools found at Pakefield and Boxgrove are almost certainly from Homo heidelbergensis. This was simplified to Homo heidelbergensis in the video for the sake of brevity. Homo heidelbergensis may also have been ambush predators on top of scavengers and fishers.

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As someone who has some Neanderthal DNA, I demand reparations for being driven off my land and for the verbal hate crimes committed when people have characterized my people as being of lesser intelligence.

Author — onebourbononescotch


I’ve seen BBC documentaries on this subject that were far less informative than this video at twice the length. Great work!

Author — Das Bouef


Why does every sentence end as a question?

Author — Justin Ceneviva


The first human in Britain built a hut, this second one refused planning permission and tore it down.

Author — Rufus Chucklebutty


Had this been shown in school, I would've napped all the way through. But now I've seem to have found an interesting fascination with this kind of stuff

Author — iam David


I liked the part when the dinosaur ate that guy on the toilet.

Author — playbackproductions1


"..woodworking had arrived in Britain..whereupon they commenced making the Dehavilland Mosquito ensuring that Britain would not be overrun by the Luftwaffe.."

Author — War Planner


Dogger land? I thought that was in the car-park behind Tesco's on a Friday night.

Author — The Butler Did It


Scary part?
Some London residents still resemble the cave man.

Author — Scott Sullivan


I see from the pics that the first dwarves came from Britain also.

Author — darpat


Anyone else hear the rising inflection and keep saying to themselves
“This one time... in band camp...”
??? 🤣

Author — Ash Howey


10s of thousands of years: new rocks
4-6 thousand years: iphones

Author — Old Dominion Outfitters


2:20 yay, the music of Stronghold :D such a great soundtrack, almost singlehandedly made the incredible atmosphere of that game.
Edit: Oh, and then Age Of Empires at 26:50 XD

Author — MünchhausenMusic


Were I the narrator I'd deliberately pitch-rise every sentence now just to annoy the moaners.

Author — Sawrattan



Author — Antoine The great


Ah beautiful background music, "seasons through the ages" from Age of Empires.

Author — Alexander


Hard to imagine the consciousness of mankind back then and even harder to comprehend the thousands of years between geological events that shaped the country.

Author — Vin D


I enjoyed this. I thought it was well-paced. I'm American and had no issue at all with the delivery...keep doing what you're doing man because it's great!

Author — Tim Tompkins


Very interesting and well put together.. A Fousand Fanks :)

Author — Crowblack


I doubt neanderthals failed to guard kills.

Author — Tew Pang