Professor calls to tax the rich at 80 percent

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Professor calls to tax the rich at 80 percent 4.5
Tucker takes on professor who's an admitted socialist calls for making the rich pay more than their 'fair share' in honor of Tax Day. Does this include Bernie Sanders?

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A socialist walks into a bar and yells “Hey everyone drinks on me! Who’s paying??!”

Author — Frank


They do realise the 1st thing the top 1% would do after taxes being raised that high is move to a country with lower taxes.

Author — Luryk Nadel


Everyone’s a socialist until they run out of other people’s money

Author — Mo-bamba mode · 81 years ago


Tucker’s face when listening to guests in priceless.

Author — Nodin Elm


why even go to work if someone is going to take 80-90% of it away?

Author — Rich Brake


she is communist but she doesn't want to give her 80%, typical

Author — La Esquina Express


The top 1% wouldn’t be the top 1% if they are getting tax 80%

Author — roasteddchickenn


2030 = She reaches the TOP 1%

"We need to rise taxes up to 90% to the top 0.05%"

Author — nicolashrv


“We should give the government money to help people”
“The government doesn’t spend money right so I donate to non profits”

Author — Texas Sellars


I suggest we tax college professors at 95%

Author — Midnightrambler3760


*Raises taxes to 80%*
Rich people:

Ight I'ma head out

Author — Emanuel Sjödin


This is just another way of saying: 'I hate the rich because they make more money then I do and I want them be punished for it'.

Author — Stijn van de Ven


Wow..."tax the rich"
"Aren't you rich"?
"No leave me outa this"...
Yet the Trump department is a Trainwreck?... Get yourself a mirror lady.

Author — Diesel 84


This just "Literally" said to EVERY youth in America- "DO NOT BE SUCCESSFUL" or you will pay!! What exactly is the point of becoming the next Bill Gates, If " *YOU* "have to give everything " *YOU* " worked so hard for, to the Government?

Author — {Verdical_ Arts}


Bernie: We need to tax the millionaires.
(Bernie becomes a millionaire)
Bernie: We need to tax the Billionaires.

Author — Jubeidono2012


Nasty B.... she’s actually getting mad . She just wants their money

Author — Brian Roemer


"I write checks to planned Parenthood"

Author — Fip Dibwibbler


People with this kind of thinking, are DANGEROUS...

Author — Kyle Reese


Professor at evergreen college kicks white male students out of her classroom gets them kicked out of school for speaking common sense

Author — Commiesmacker 2506


You can tell she's jealous of successful people

Author — Robert Tanga