[4K] Pula, Croatia (2019) City Centre Circular Walk

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Join us for this virtual city walk through Pula on the coast of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea and let us know your thoughts and comments below.
We start our Pula 4K walking tour in Trg Forum (Forum Square,) facing Augustov hram (Temple of Augustus) and the city government office. Surrounded by relaxing restaurants, bars and cafes, we leave the square via Kandlerova ul.

We turn towards the waterfront at Trg Svetog Tome, passing the tower that stands watch over the Vergarola Memorial.

We follow Riva, along the waterfront, with stalls selling boat trips and dolphin safaris, and we get our first views of the great Pula Arena (amphitheater.)

We pass Titov park before cutting through Valerijin park to visit the Arena itself. We wind our way slowly around the outside of the Amfiteatar u Puli, before following Scalierova ul down to the small Park kralja Petra Krešimira. Our route continues through a shaded avenue of restaurants and cafes along Giardini. We walk through the iconic Arch of the Sergii (Slavoluk Sergijevaca) and wander the historic streets, visiting Dante Square (Danteov trg) and it's beautiful fountain and cafes, the outdoor cafe in the gardens of the Home of the Homeland War Veterans (Dom hrvatskih branitelja.)

We rejoin the main historic street, Ul. Sergijevaca which leads us back to Forum Square, our starting point.

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Join us for a walk through Pula in Croatia, as we wander its historic streets and view the famous Pula Arena and the Temple of Augustus

Author — Living Walks


Great video, beautiful area totally over shadowed by the Adriatic coastline and islands there.

Author — freethinker1


What time of year were you visiting? This is a new find for us, I’ve put it on our list as we want to go back to Croatia next year, we’ve only been to Zagreb. Nice video guys!

Author — John and Cara Retired Travellers


wow nice walking! i subscribe your channel:)

Author — Seoulwalk 서울워크


Hey the quality of the image is awesome.. Are u editing with Resolve ? are u using filters? Croatia is lovely place and so well recorded !! thanks

Author — Así es BUENOS AIRES 4K


Thank you. This was very interesting. I got a very good impression of the city.

Author — Gaby


Hello! Thanks for this lovely walk. Always happy to experience a bit of life with you. Sorry we won't be able to meet in Singapore in December. Such a bummer. Let's hope for another chance!

Author — Ambient Walking


Great channel 👍👍Hi I'm your new friend i hope can connect together♥️♥️

Author — Busan Walking Addition


Such a beautiful walk through Pula 💖
I have subbed you. Greetings from Rochester, NY

Author — Travel with Yvonne


Pula is in 🇵🇹, a form of the verb 'Pular'(Jump), in the third person of singular.
Ex: "Ele 'pula', em cima da cama." - "He jump, on the bed."

Author — Ana


Wow Pula is really amazing...Such a lovely place! Thanks as always for this beautiful walking tour!! GREAT! Ciao. Renata

Author — Renata Limarzi


Une belle ville et surtout un beau ciel bleu !

Author — universalités1


There are some negative things for live in Pula? Im thinking to move there.

Author — Isn't it??


Another great walk and how interesting to find out how you manage to travel for free! I've been rather curious as to how you travel so much.

Author — Mindful Art


Guys, do any of you know what pula means in Romanian? 🤭

Author — vw7q8e.


Pola is and old roman - venetian town in Istria Beautiful roman buildings

Author — Louise Fun


if you read some parts of mussolini {duce} wanted the pula arena to be transfered {in piece of course stone by stone} to italy and be there such an another colosseum but his {advisors} denied because they knew it was impossible....