How the British royal family makes money

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How the British royal family makes money 5

This is what Harry and Meghan are giving up.

The British royal family is very rich, but not as rich as you might think. And that’s because of a centuries-old model for how they make their income — and taboos about earning a private income outside of their official duties.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are breaking free from the rules of how royals make money, which just might be a savvy financial decision.

Note: The properties illustrated on our map are only the properties we were able to geo-locate precisely from the following sources.

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How British Royal Family makes Money:
1. By being the British Royal Family

Author — Duchi


The Royal family are vintage Kardashians.

Author — king man


So basically they don't do anything and the money just keeps rolling in.

How do I sign up?

Author — Jimin's jar of juicy jams


2030: British monarchy becomes part of Disney Empire.

Author — H. Y.


It's simple, they stole money from other countries and tortured their colonies

Author — 4th4rv alt


Answer: built the empire by looting their colonies.

Author — TheKb07


I do not understand why people love the royal family, they basically pay them for existing

Author — Griselda Pereira


How does the British royal family make money?

They don’t, the citizens do...

Author — Mr. Nonsense


And also don't forget that they stole $45 trillion from *India* during the period 1765 to 1938!!!

Author — We Are Venom


So how does the British royal family make money?

Hint: _Its __-free-__ real estate_

Author — Jetlite


Brit Gov: How much money do you want from the tax payers?
Royal Family: Yes

Author — Rishi Krishna


The grant is only 5%. They’re giving up close to nothing(for them) to be independent. Seems like a bargain to me

Author — Misha Zubarev


You failed to mention the Billions of dollars made by the Church of England, internationally known as the Anglican Church.

Author — Edward Chyrek


Vox: How does the Royal Family make money?
The Queen: *I am the money*

Author — Rudolf Hess


Imagine getting millions of pounds for just existing

Edit: It seems as though some people didn't catch the fact that this was a joke comment. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Author — Johan


You forget the gold and resources they stole from Africa and rest of the world.

Author — Mo


For the record:
These sovereign grants sound bad, but it is important to note that the government gets the profits from the lands. And the thing is, as Vox said about the Georges, it was a terrible deal for the monarchy. The grant gave them a lot of money each year, but the profits from the Crown Estate were actually far higher, meaning that this arrangement actually lowers your taxes.

Author — John Giorgetta


i visited windsor castle recently and it's ridiculous you have to pay to see it when it's being paid for already

Author — Pallavi Sanyal


Why the royal family is treated as gods, I will never know

Author — octavian


When you're ruler of a nation but can't manage money so you have to ask your citizens to give you an allowance.

Author — steve293