Tucker vs. prof who questions white friendship under Trump

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Tucker vs. prof who questions white friendship under Trump 4
Tucker takes on a professor whose New York Times editorial asks, 'Can my children be friends with white people?' #Tucker

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A soft spoken and well spoken black RACIST! Move to the south side of Chicago where you won't need to worry about those "untrustworthy" white people.

Автор — good goat


As a black person you can call my uncle tom because I literally traded all my black friends in for white ones since then I can tell you my whole world has completely changed no more fights lies bad grades no more cheating stealing causing trouble with family girlfriends bullying no more disrespectful treatment of elders any racist black person coming from the inside I can tell you it comes from jealousy and envy on another truth black people are far from being liberal democrats in real life like CNN wants you to believe I dare you to bring a transgender feminist LGBTQ to are hood and watch what happens no disrespect towards them but it's not a joke

Автор — Larry Williams


I am black but disagree completely with this professor.... I think what he has committed is fallacy of hasty generalization and the views he held are absolutely racist.

I've had great, amazing and very supportive white and coloured friends. Same way I've had terrible and hostile white and black friends.

Conclusively, and sadly too, many people, both white, black or coloured hold the same view of other races as this professor and that is apparent from some of the comments here.

Black, white or coloured, let's share stories of great friendship, moments of cross-racial support and achievement.

I think that's the best way to respond to people like this... Be they black, white or coloured.

Автор — Doyin Owobamirin


If a white professor wrote a book in this day and age on how we should be careful around black people, it will cause an outrage.

So why is it okay that a black individual can write something so controversial?

Or am I racist for asking a genuine question?

Автор — Rebekah Smith


It ain't white folk selling slaves in Libya....

Автор — Antony Gilmer


I really tried to understand him, but all I got is that this black professor does not want blacks and whites to fraternize and even socialize at all. This black man wants...segregation? Apartheid?

Автор — Continuous Self-Improvement


This professor is straight racist. Being cautious against men and being cautious with whites are two different things

Автор — AreYaSerious


Another black racist with a dictionary... LOL...

Автор — firehuntfish


That black professor is a very very well educated thorough racist. To 100%. Period.

Автор — FJ Schmid


Didn't we elect a black president... This dude wrong on every point. Give him his victim card back.

Автор — colorz


A very soft spoken racist is a racist all the same!

Автор — Jill Conner


I don't particularly care for Tucker, but I have to agree with him on this one. True, people who won't stick up for you when push comes to shove shouldn't be counted as friends, but then, flakiness has nothing to do with race.

Автор — SriniP


Lets say a white male professor says he's teaching his sons to distrust people of color? (equally wrong) There would be outrage on
the left!

Автор — Dude M


don't be friends with them! don't trust them~

Does this sound like "friendship" or an ENEMY --he's completely vilifying people based on race, therefore he's a racist

Автор — Maxine M


the main reason i've gravitated to the right so much is because of the braindead zombies on the left. here in this clip we have a black guy clearly being racist, yet all of these NPCs call the WHITE guy racist on nothing but the basis of him being a white conservative who disagrees with someone who just so happens to be a different race. that seems to be the mindset of the majority of liberals nowadays, just attack the EVIL WHITE CONSERVATIVE and call him "racist" for no reason, while praising the minority thats clearly being racist towards whites without even acknowledging the hypocrisy of it all. i think you robots got a glitch in your system, idk how else you could be so inconsistent. while for a moment it upset me how many of you i've seen around, i quickly remembered that we're still winning so you're clearly outnumbered. so as much as your stupidity frustrates me, just know i take joy in your anger and it only makes me more and more rational :) TRUMP 2020

Автор — starry night


People like this don't want racism to go away. He would have nothing to write about and be out of a job. Stoke those fires for job security.

Автор — Keith Bozeman


"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character". Notice MLK didn't tell them to be "suspicious, or wary etc.."

So here we go.. An uppity cross town Plantation resident fishing with "Colored" test line. He is the reason there can't be healing because his Plantation friends read his crap and shake their heads and say, "Yes..he is right.." BS. I grew up in Compton (Yes Compton) in the early 60's with "White friends" and we had (and still do) have lifelong friendships. So don't let a person with a Plantation state of mind sway you into thinking thats how AA's feel. .

Автор — Lieutenant Columbo


I trust no human being and that doesn’t make me a

Автор — HermanMusicVEVO


If it were not for affirmative action, this dishonest racist professor wouldn't have this prestigious position. Despite this advantage he is still bitter - and uses his position to further his anti-white rhetoric.

Автор — Irish Constitution


The difference in color underlines sick human nature but it's not the only traits that divide us. In Nigeria the Ibos look at the Housas with suspicion and the Yorobas hate the Fulas.
The second world war was not a race. The English don't like the French and the Germans look at the Russians as inferior until they kicked their but. Do not not cry as if you'er the only victim. You hate other people also because of their color or status.
No political party pushes the idea of victim hood like the Democrats. That's the only way they can control the poor people. You are discriminated because you are poor. Period. Because if you're rich you won't care.

Автор — Niobiumtan Incorporated