#Throwback: Subramanian Swamy and Ram Jethmalani debate abrogating #Article370

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#Throwback: Subramanian Swamy and Ram Jethmalani debate abrogating #Article370 4.5

This morning, Home Minister Amit Shah made an announcement in Rajya Sabha seeking to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution that grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir.

Article 370 has often been the subject of intense debate and discussion. On December 18, 2015, a debate was held at the Constitution Club of India between Dr Subramanian Swamy and lawyer Ram Jethmalani on whether or not Article 370 of the Indian Constitution should be scrapped. The debate was organised by the Indian Union Debate Forum and moderated by Newslaundry CEO Abhinandan Sekhri.

Dr Swamy emphasised the importance of integrating the state of Jammu & Kashmir with the rest of India, explaining how this can be done only through the removal of Article 370. On the other hand, Jethmalani said amending the article is beyond the power of the Union government of India. He also said the article is important for the state of Jammu & Kashmir and for India as well.

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This man Subramanian Swamy has the guts to say what he likes to say.

Author — Manju Natha


If Subramanyam Swamy is not a lawyer Then Ramanujan was not a mathematician 😅😅😅

Author — Naveen Parashar


*"Irremovable part of Indian Constitution"* : Ram Jethmalaani

*_"Lol"_* : Amit Shah (5th august, 2019)

Author — Suvankar Das


Swamy is on Spot ..Everything what he predicted is as accordingly

Author — Aaj Bak


Jethmalani: 370 is irremovable part of Constitution

Amit Shah: Lol, Hold my Constitution.

Author — Wack Of All Trades


Mr.Swamy deserves to be successor to Mr.Modi...as Indian PM

Author — Pradeep Venkat


Jethmalaani: Swamy is not a lawyer
Swamy (in mind): Still you lost 4 times against me 😂

Author — Vishwajeet Singh


Again Ramjethmalani lost to Subramanyam Swamy as a bad looser!!

Author — Abhishek Raj


Dr. Swamy VS ALL Opposition

Winner: Dr. Swamy 💥😎
Long live Dr Swamy

Author — R P


Dr. Swamy is well ahead of time. congrats

Author — Ravishankar Nanaiah


Now is NRC next is uniform civil code !! Swami ji on winning streak

Author — hemant sharma


Mr. Swami is Greatest Personality of this era. So fearless, So frank, Extremely knowledgeable and true nationalist. Respect sir... 🙏

Author — Nigam Dikshit


We are proud to have subramanim swami, I salute to him, he has forecasted in 2015 about removal of 370

Author — Shailesh Shah


May be Manish Tiwari thinks that constitution is indhira gandhi.. Indira gandhi is constitution.. Awesome punch 👏👏👏😀

Author — saisudheer mittapalli


This is a 3 year old debate. Old wine in New Bottle. So this is History Now and Dr. Subramanian Swamy has been proved right Legally.

Author — CommonAadmi


Love subramaniam Swamy. He’s the best.
Don’t know why modi hasn’t made him a cabinet minister. He’s the best

Author — Ralph Wade


Swamy in 2015 - (16:20) "My prediction is that next year 370 will go"
Amit Shah on 5 Aug 19 : (swoosh) "Your wish my command, Swamy. Sorry for the delay".

Author — Mayank Gwari


Dr. Swamy is a one-man army, a non-lawyer lawyer against a group of famous lawyers and in front of a room full of lawyers! satyameva jayate, indeed. And as promised by Dr. Swamy, Article 370 has been abrogated even though not within the year.

Author — Natty D


Most of the cases against all the big politicians including Sonia and Rahul is filed by Mr.Swami which Mr.Modi is taking credit all the time...

Author — Vishal Kothari


నా అబిమాన రాజకీయ నాయకులు లొ సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం స్వామి ఒకరు

Thank u so much swamiji( from andra )
U have great knowledge

To shut down mouth of psudo secularists

Author — Dk Dk