What's My Line? - Archie Moore; Suzy Parker (Aug 16, 1959)

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MYSTERY GUEST: Archie Moore; Suzy Parker

PANEL: Arlene Francis, Robert Q. Lewis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf

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Fun fact: Leta Thomason, the piccolo player, was actually my grandmother! Her musical talent has been passed down through our family and it's one of our strongest attributes, along with our extra height!

Author — TDashLIVE


Love Suzy Parker!
I’m too young to know who she was but now read up on her.
This was a great celebrity guest episode.
Suzy is gorgeous & love when the celebrity guest stumps the panel.

Author — Randy Roe


Suzy Parker epitomized the model glamour of the Fifties and early Sixties, even more so than her older sister, Dorian Leigh, also a famous model, who paved the way, most generously, for Suzy. never again will we see that, so we had better be grateful for these clips. for sure. did well in some pics, including Best of Everything, and Ten North Frederick, and one or two others. they should have worked with her more. people wanted to see her. she was an event, all by herself, just to look at, and she was pretty nice, and pretty smart. Bradford Dillman knew how lucky he was when she married him.

Author — Richard Lee


Suzy Parker was drop dead glamorous - notice how she tossed her hair as she sat down and the way she held her head as well as her posture. She knew where the cameras were and she delivered the goods. That said she was a difficult subject for the judges as the word "fashion" never once came up.

Author — Walter Van der Wahl


I don't understand how the hell anyone can downvote WML videos.

Author — Rob


Archie Moore ... pure class. His interview in the ring immediately after the first Durell fight was one of a kind

Author — Jan Swart


Best exchange of the evening at 19:56: Dorothy: "Well, I wish I could read Robert's mind." RQL (dryly) "No, you don't...."

Author — Neil Midkiff


Suzy Parker was drop dead gorgeous & she certainly deserved that big applause she got from the audience.

Author — Raynard Abraham


Suzy Parker was one of the most famous super model .... Her beauty and sophistication is forever missed .... She was so beautiful and so classy.... Suzy Parker is my all time favorite model ...

Author — Nicki Goddess


Her hair was more a 1970's hairstyle than a late 50's hairstyle....way ahead of its time.

Author — Harpervalley Peeteeay


Dorothy has a sharp mind, like the reporter she was! Ms Kilgallan was a wonderful player!

Author — Robert Hoehn


I don't know what they see, when they get down on a knockout, but it was a hilarious moment, when Robert Q. asked Archie Moore; "Do you have something to do with Outer Space?" and he replied "YESS!"

Author — SuperWinterborn


I'm 63, and I don't know some of these famous guests at all. It's really fun and informative to look them up on Wikipedia. Suzy Parker was a HUGE celebrity, and the panel was totally stumped trying to figure out her "other" occupation!

Author — Bob Hayett


There will never ( despite so many ) be another model as gorgeous and as stunning as Suzy. Drop dead gorgeous.

Author — Randy Acuna


This is August 18, 1959, 6 days after Archie won his rematch against Yvon Durelle with a 3rd round KO.

CBS Studio 59: With the history of bad acoustics, I'd assumed they filmed this in a theater not really appropriate for television. But if it's a studio, why are the acoustics so bad?

Author — Steven Chappell


Archie Moore bridged the sport from Louis to Ali.

Author — David Couch


Archie was 42 at the time..and he called DK out LIVE..wow!!

Author — Ryan Schroer


Looking at Suzy Parker's 1959 hairstyle, it is so unusual to me in that it DOESN'T look like it's from that era. It actually looks like Jaclyn Smith's hairstyle from the 1970s. I don't think any female on What's My Line, contestant or panelist, had a hairstyle like that. Maybe because she's a model, she was very trendsetting.

Author — rtususian


The beautiful Suzy Parker. She was terrific in “The Best Of Everything “!

Author — Michael Miller


Suzy Parker is also on the album cover of JAZZ: RED HOT AND COOL - THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET Featuring Paul Desmond (Columbia CL-699) [1955] and THE MOST HAPPY PIANO - THE ERROLL GARNER TRIO (Columbia CL-939) [1957].

Author — Bruce Scott