CrossTalk: 'Deal Of The Century'

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CrossTalk: 'Deal Of The Century' 5

Parts of Jared Kushner’s ‘Deal of the Century’ have been made public and the reception has not been good. Focusing on aid and infrastructure, the deal is silent on the most contentious political issues. And for all intents and purposes, the long-proposed two-state solution appears to be dead. Is the deal of the century dead on arrival?

CrossTalking with Peter Ford, Amir Oren, and Yossi Melman.

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Here's my deal of the century. Move all the Israelis to North Dakota.

Author — don zuger


Kissinger??? Vietnam Why should this criminal be admired???

Author — Riedo Denise


US foreign policy is a joke and has been for decades. what do you expect?

Author — Tevlex


You give us the land and we will give you paper for it.. how does that sound?.. .. Sounds like Highway robbery!!!!

Author — TruthAboveAll


The gist of this "deal" = Give us half your lands, and we will give you credit you will have to pay us back.

Author — Gennadiy M


Damn Kushner is a joke. Trump should have gotten rid of him like Steve Pieczenik have said.

Author — Ethan Michell


That is one discussion that should have had more time, it was way too short should have been extended.

Author — Barbara Crickley


No more wars for Israel. Remember the USS Liberty...

Author — liabilitymate


No need for any peace talk..all what the jew need to withdrawl from palestine and go back to U.N division 1947 which create state for the jew on part of palestine ! Will you do that ???? I dont think so....the JEWS so gready and feeling on power !!!

Author — حنظلة


Check Wikipedia Yemen war, US army in the same coalition as ISIS lol

Author — أحمد خلف


Disgusting. What's name of the deal, Greater Israel Project?! Should have invited Ken O'Keefe for this one....

Author — Bernardo Mendes


So wonderful to hear sensible voices from Isreal. The Zionist friendly news in the west tends to drown them out.

Author — Nova Cadian


What happened to the US Diplomatic Corps??? Where are our professional diplomats??? Oh, sorry, bomb them.

Author — goodolzimm


It's such a pleasant surprise to have three ppl discussing the Israeli occupation of Palestine (I refuse to call that 70-year Atrocity *"the Israel/Palestine 'conflict'", * as though it's some kind of dust-off between equal factions...) with all parties essentially agreeing — and all contributors managing to remain civil! Most Refreshing... even, dare I say, offering some cause for HOPE... if I'm not being too naïvely optimistic...??

Author — Harry C Smith


I dont get my news from CNN or fox or MSNBC or NBC I get my news exclusively from RT. The only ones who tell the truth

Author — Joshua The seeker


Noticed how we ended this as soon as the guy compared Israel to apartheid and mention that nations are divesting? We can divest from the Society of Jesus and the Vatican Royal family bloodlines by demanding the dismantling of the illegal and unconstitutional World central bank system and our own USA Federal Reserve Bank. Let's hit him where it hurts with the truth. Fascism always traces back to the Vatican, and Netanyahu is a very high degree Jesuit Mason

Author — ChoosyHereticsChoose CarnationRevolutionNow


The "Deal of the century" is a provocation and an insult .

Author — Bo Modén


@7:20 Don't be disappointed that all 4 of you are in agreement. Sensible minds will always converge to the truth.

Author — Ramon Ching


The fact Tony Blair was 'chosen' to talk says it all. BD fk'n S

Author — Anthony Baiocchi


Sadly, solutions only become possible once USrael is finished. You cannot change them. They are way too far gone. Especially Israel is as indoctrinated as Nazi Germany. Once again the solution will have to come from outside.

Author — Dowlphwin