The Solar System's 9th Planet

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Hey guys, and welcome back to another episode of Everything Science! On today’s episode, we're discussing what scientists think might be a hidden ninth planet, hiding at the edge of our solar system.

Ever since Pluto's demotion in 2006 our solar system has had a nice, even number of planets. Four rocky bodies and four gaseous ones. Nice and balanced, right? Well, using the same mathematical models that first predicted Neptune before it was ever observed, scientists think they've found a ninth planet hiding on the far reaches of our solar system. So who knows, maybe we'll be back to nine planets before you know it.

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Hi friends using Yandex. Hows the translation? (Привет, друзья, использующие Яндекс. Как перевод?)

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Яндекс спасибо! И людям создавшим это!

Author — Расул Закарьяев


Hey man I saw your profile picture / name on a scishow video I was watching. Came to check your channel out. Like is all too often, you don’t get enough views! But your videos are of great quality, so keep it up!

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Pluto is not a planet anymore. But he is a planet in my heart ♥ ♥ Pluto was the 9th planet. Scientist's found a new planet that is Pluto. But. It suddenly vanished. I love you Pluto 😢😢💜

Author — ♥ Kagol ♥