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The Broken Policing System | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix 5

2014 was a turning point in the national conversation around police violence after the killings of Michael Brown, Laquan Mcdonald, and Eric Garner. Five years later, Hasan examines the systems in place that protect and sometimes incentivize police misconduct in America.

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Why on Earth doesn't this channel put ads on their videos? Not only are they selfless enough to put it on YouTube for free because they believe in informing everybody on these issues, they don't even bother putting a 10 second ad at the beginning. I just wanted to call attention to that, kudos to Patriot Act

Author — SihYuan Wu


Hasan warned everyone of 2020
(Policing, healthcare, cruise ships, civil rights etc)

Author — Nishtha


Question: How do news channels don't conduct in-depth investigations like this but a comedian has to go out his ways to tell the truth? I have deep respect for Hasan and John Oliver but oftentimes the naked truth they reveal is so hard to take that I no longer find it laughable.

Author — Alex De la Luna


How does “you are men and women of violence” fit in with “protect and serve”???

Author — Matt Berry


"You are men and women of violence. If you properly prepare yourself killing is just not that big a deal."
This is why George Floyd died. Because police officers are taught that killing their own is citizens is justifiable and it's not something to worry about. It's crazy that people in America fear those who are meant to protect them.

Author — Fernando Diaz


A good time to rewatch this and try to understand where we are failing.

Author — S AVANT


George Floyd
Tryavin Martin
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery
Oscar Grant
Eric Garner
Philando Castile
Samuel Doubose
Sandra Bland
Walter Scott
Terence Crutcher

SAY their names, REMEMBER their stories, FIGHT in their memory.

Author — rahma_rulz


I just rewatched this and it is scary when you think about it. The city of Minneapolis banned 'Warrior Training' in Minneapolis and the police union decided to undermine that by offering free 'Warrior-style Training'. And what happens? In Minneapolis, George Floyd incident.

Author — Subtleblunt Duality


I'm back after the George Floyd Tragedy. In all seriousness, we need more Hasan Minhaj's on the planet to raise awareness about this issue

Author — Tanmay Agrawal


How convenient the youtube algorithm shows me this NOW

Author — Sid S


“I can’t breath” is back once what a shame.

Author — Neby Moges


I think, after the death of George Floyd, we can say the warrior classes in Minneapolis, made it not a big deal to kill a hand cuffed man. When in a police station there are 1000 good cops, and 10 bad cops, and the 1000 doesnt make a move to those 10, you have 1010 bad cops

Author — don iwana


False. US has the *worst trained* police men, take germany, ...
*A german policeman, is trained THREE YEARS, to be titled Policeman*
_Meanwhile US throws by 3-9months, on average 4months, ..FOUR MONTHS of training, ...LMAO_

Author — aw3s0me


The system is working exactly the way it was constructed to be. It needs to needs to be broken.

Author — Trev WIlliams


“Lack of consequences” is really the root of this systematic cancer

Author — Angie P.


"that is an ad for a rich white girl"

Author — Mo Mo


"You have to act instantly", and this is so true! I got pulled over, and thought I was going to get killed because I reached to get my registration and insurance. They had their guns out ready to blaze if I didn't have my hands up where they could see them right away! They are basically taught to be afraid. Kill before thinking you might be killed.

Author — Love Laneonthebeat Montes


boy. This hits different now than when it was originally posted

Author — Emma Rabenhorst


Hasan Minhaj is a psychic, a genius, or both. He has his finger on the pulse of this country and educates everyone on the issues that not only are relevant but also absolutely necessary for everybody to be well-informed about. Give this guy an Emmy already!

Author — Joseph Ona


Considering the fact that a man was killed in front of a crowd and was being recorded being murdered by a cop while his cop buds stood around this is a good time for this to get recommended. The only reason that there are ANY repercussions for those cops is purely because the footage of a man being murdered went viral. Imagine if that footage didn't go viral and there wasn't a crowd to record that.

Author — imfastasfrickboi