Lems Minimalist Boulder Boot Action Review

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Please watch: "Drift - A Primal Outdoors Story by Morningstar Films"
This my review of the Lems minimalist Boulder boot. These boots have the three main components that I look for in minimalist shoe, Wide toe box, zero drop heal, and a thin flexible sole. I have been putting these boots through the paces for a couple of months now in multiple types of environments. These boots are targeted to the minimalist or barefoot crowds, if you are not familiar with this type of footwear caution should be taken if you choose to buy these, if your feet are use to typical types of boots you will need to ease into using these boots as your feet will need some time to strength because you will be using muscles in your feet that are not typically used in a traditional boot. I think these boots are great for hiking, hunting, backpacking, and hanging out in town.

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I was watching that thinking we definitely live in two different environments. Great review!

Author — River rat


Thank you for the great reviews! So helpful when wanting to invest in a good shoe!

Author — yourshitsweakx100


Awesome video! Thanks for your time!

Just curious, between these and the mini mils you reviewed previously, which would you wear for a late season backpacking hunt? max load of 80lbs, mostly dry, rocky terrain, etc.

Author — Ryan Bigler


Jason, awesome review! This may be the slickest video you've produced yet! I was blown away by the cut away clips, the camera angles, and the cohesiveness of the production! Magnificent! I got tired though just watching you romp through the countryside. LOL! Great job my friend!

Author — Juanelo1946


Great review, very helpful to know the use cases you recommend them for. Thanks 👍🏻

Author — Jeff J


I want to say this is probably the best minimalist shoe review I have ever seen, let alone on this particular product. Almost all reviewers basically just read out the product description from the website the first time they pull it out of the box and call it a day. I love that you have actually given details on what they are like to wear (you know, the thing I watched the review to find out!)
I live in Australia, where its usually pretty dry and hot (I have never seen real snow), and have been thinking about getting these boots for hiking and sometimes an everyday shoe. Do you think they'll stand up to the heat?

Author — gijsdahasdkfj


How do these do over time as far as breaking in?  Does the leather or leather/canvas stretch over time and loosen up conforming to each individual's foot or have they stayed pretty much the same?

Author — Anthony Miller


I have had a pair for 3 years, had to shoe goo glue the toe part of the sole back on twice, Not a complaint btw but show how easy it was to fix. The only other part that blew out was the strings, which I swapped out in the first six months of use with #60 bank line which went for the next 2 years with not problem and is still installed on the shoe. The soles did wear a bit but the boot is still functioning. Although this summer I am in an new pair of Lems, Primal 2. I have no complaint to log with these shoes. No break in period on either shoe.

Author — downeast primitive skills


Saw your review of the Belleville Tactical Research Mini-mils. How would you compare these two boots? I'm trying to decide between them for a good work/hiking boot. Thanks.

Author — Nick Giannola


@primal outdoors Are these boots true to size? I wear US size 11 in most shoes except Adidas (11.5).  Thanks for the video.  One of the best reviews on these boots!

Author — Armando Martinez


If you want Grip, Try this. Get a pair of Belleville Sabra's(one size smaller, because they run big), then rip out the bulky insoles and tear the ankle supports out. The result? A super minimal, flexible, mountain goat grip boots. Wax them down to make them somewhat waterproof. Need them for work? Get the Steel toe version.

Author — renthal971


From your previous video belleville tr103 where you bought a size 13 one size larger then you're usual 12, what size is you boulder boot?. Thank you for your reviews, I'm subscribing here and liking you on Facebook.

Author — Kevin Rasmussen


Is the rubber on the soles of these soft or bouncy as it is air injected? Thinking of getting them but not wanting too much of a soft bouncy sole.

Author — E. G.


I would suggest a pair of sealskinz i've got oakley lsa waterboots a pair of waterproof socks with fast drying lightweight boots is a great combo for me . Ones water comes over those gore-tex boots top they suck ! This is also about50% cheaper .

Author — just my opinion


looks like a good boot and as long as they are comfy I'm not really picky...Good thing they don't need a break in period so that means no blisters...The rock and terrain you are in you need some very durable...The no traction in snow and mudd and not water proof, they wouldn't work to good around here unless you just wanted them for hiking trails...They look good though...

Author — Heith Gagnon


super comfortable boot but not a replacement for a proper hiking boot in my opinion. mine are showing some wear in the sole although holding up fairly well after 200+ miles of pavement. i doubt the sole would hold up to daily wear on rocky trails though. if they were to offer a rugged, stitched down boot with a wide toe box and zero drop that would be a game changer. just ordered the nine2fives as their replacement because i don't want to go back to a conventional shoe.
thanks for the review. hopefully we will see more options available as people become aware of the benefits of minimal footwear.

Author — thehappyvalley413


Thanx for this review. I value your opinion. (By the way....what would your first choice be? 😄)

Author — Susan Pratt


Jason, the boots look good, but with the review. I'll stick with my Danner "Ft. Lewis" Boots. I very comfortable and rugged piece of kit. IMHO. Cheers, Mate.

Author — Jack Walsh


Great boots for dry weather but not for wet, cold weather.

Can you do a review of the Vivobarefoot Tracker boots? Its a minimalist style boots designed for the rougher weather conditions.

Author — Machismo


How do these do when they get wet? I understand they aren't waterproof, but would they dry out fairly well?

Author — Sam Pfotenhauer