Trump Can Lie About His Coronavirus Record, But People Remember His Early Inaction On The Threat

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Trump Can Lie About His Coronavirus Record, But People Remember His Early Inaction On The Threat 5

President Trump is trying to rewrite history when it comes to his coronavirus response, but the American people will not soon forget how he downplayed the seriousness of the threat in January and February of this year. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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In the words of Tywin Lannister : *Any man who must say, "I am the King", is no true king.*

Author — Paritosh Vasava


Dear Stephen, we still love to see you, even from Australia. Keep up the good work, you are much appreciated. From our isolation... Cheers, Eveline

Author — Eveline Goy


Of course Donald doesn't recognize February. It's both Black History month and the month with Valentine's day, a day for loving your partner.

Author — Nelly Hartnell


I really want a journalist to put him in his place one of these days

I'd love to say "what makes you think you're not a fake president? Since you are impeached and haven't done anything?"

Author — ForeverMe543


I wish I could be alive 200 years from now so I could read that the historians have to say about donald and about us.

Author — David Spondike


George Washington : "I cannot tell a lie."
tRump : "I cannot tell the truth."
tRump voter : "I cannot tell the difference!"

Author — Night Knight


“Just because you’re yelling at a woman, doesn’t mean she’s wrong!”
My new catchphrase. 4:37

Author — Amanda B


Im laughing out loud and gasping in horror interchangeably...

Author — iolac123


He's always calling someone "Fake!" He should know, because he knows he is a FAKE PRESIDENT!🤮🤮🤮🤮

Author — bowen voowy


"That is not true. Who told you this?" I love her.

Author — T.J. Cunningham


I picked up Final Fantasy 7 remake this past weekend and thought I was playing through it... there was a short fat man with fake looking hair trying to convince the people of a seemingly powerful society that everything was perfectly fine and that all the bad stuff they had heard were just rumors created by enemies of the state.

But then I realized I never switched the input.. and was just watching the News...

Author — Nick930


2020: The year your hands consume more alcohol than your mouth.

Author — Pixel


Goldfish can still go to schools. Stephen, that was just terrible. And I loved it.

Author — Wake up Mr West


"You will respect my authoriteh"... I spit up my coffee....

Author — FriggSaga


"Don't leave us alone with the bad man " had me rolling. 😁

Author — William Wilborn


I can recall what my History teacher use to tell me. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat my class."

Author — Timothy McCaskey


I still think the press core should have a big ass horn that is blown whenever he goes off topic or lies. Also they should have a time keeper that limits the abuse or to flag propaganda videos.

Author — Dav A


Stephen’s “he’s got a crown, multiple wives and inbred sons.” So so good, but if I’m nitpicking which I am I’d of gone with offspring. Regardless I loved it

Author — butti fdft


" sounds like a king.. golden crown.. multiple wives.. inbred sons..."

That's just tops.

Author — Tim Ypp


"The success we're having." Yep, so sick of winning. Or just sick.

Author — animus advertere