Feeding The Dream: Street Food From Dharavi, Mumbai | Slumfood Millionaire | Full Episode

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Feeding The Dream: Street Food From Dharavi, Mumbai | Slumfood Millionaire | Full Episode 5

Dharavi - the heart of Mumbai - is one of the world's largest and busiest slums, and its street food runs through its veins. Our vendors show us how to cut it in this competitive slum and make a living from its thriving inner-slum economy. Malai, an idliwalla from Tamil Nadu shares his secrets for perfect fluffy steamed rice cakes called idlis, crunchy lentil fritters called vada, all served with his trademark tomato chutney.

About Slumfood Millionaire: Embark on a mouth-watering journey through the slums of Asia, the last places on earth you would expect to find delicious foods. This unique documentary series celebrates the flavourful, and often unknown dishes made by talented cooks in the slums of Manila, Bangkok, Mumbai, Jakarta, Phnom Penh and Kota Kinabalu. Using cheap and overlooked ingredients, they cook up scrumptious dishes that are famous within the slums. Their passion and resilence prove that good food need not be expensive.
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This documentary is gold standard, very well made



4500 per day, I'm earning 8000 per month as software engineer.

I just booked a grinder

Author — Roody Gain


These are people who openly tell ingredients, recipe, and everything. Yet you can’t match them when it comes to taste and quality. Respect

Author — achintya yamdagni


I just hate to think how their lifes have been completely turned upside down by the pandemic.

Author — Tayeba Tasniah


This Tamil guy's lingo is so cool! Hindi + Tamil + marathi

Author — Sa Ga


When my wife and I traveled to India, we didn't eat at the fancy hotels, we ate on the street, with the real people of India. Oh, it makes my mouth water every time I think about their food. Each person selling his food, was so proud of what he or she made, because they wanted you to come back. Food for Gods, made purely from love.

Author — Robert Scheer


The guy who feeds the kids that haven't eaten, now thats a person I deeply respect he is blessed and shares. We should all strive to be like that.

Author — Paloma Maciel Doula


I love what the idli seller said, " i sell to people what i would eat at home" which is true ❤

Author — Herschel


Can we just take a moment for how beautiful those Tamil brothers are?! Seriously gorgeous and passionate about their work

Author — Bablooka Jonez


-"I have to Keep my prices low to get more customers" and

-"Other idli sellers increased the amount of their profits by reducing the amount of ingredients" -"but I don't do that". I only serve my customers what I would eat at home.
I hope here in the Philippines, businessmans should also have the same business mentality as this man have. 🤪😒🙄

Author — Sarah Lewis


"india chinese food is a food that no chinese has ever heard of" lol

Author — mohd fakhrur razi


"I only serve my customers what I would eat at home" - you sir are a great Chef in my book.

Author — Reza Muhamad


Feels so fulfilling to see he gives free food to the homeless kids or the poor kids in the area... The definition of humanity.

Author — Sai Nikhil


When these people say I earn this much, they are telling the total sale of the day or month. You have to subtract product cost & traveling cost. The final profit they have is hardly 1000 to 1500 per day. Trust me my brother is street food vendor. So stop looking at their hard earned money. Show some respect.

Author — harshal kalamkar


"I only sell to people what I'd ate at home."

now that's how a true cook should first learn.

Author — Azuan Azman


12:33 "I cook because I love people. It's okay if you don't have money to pay for the food. You can still eat at my stall". 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏 Very humbling, I LOVE IT!!!

Author — The Anime Sage


I actually respect indian culture, people gonna say its dirty but that is thier standard, if you dont like it just dont say anything,

From ph,

Author — Levi Gaming


Tourist: Your food is somewhat salty...

Indian: What do you mean salty? We don't use salt here...

Author — SolitarySojourner


When the whole of Mumbai is Sleeping, such hardworking people start their day at 4am and work till 11pm

Author — Function of Cities


Let's take a moment and appreciate the camerawork.

Author — Harsha Kumar