Coronavirus outbreak: 87,902 COVID-19 cases confirmed in Canada, 6,799 deaths | FULL

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Coronavirus outbreak: 87,902 COVID-19 cases confirmed in Canada, 6,799 deaths | FULL 1.5

Federal ministers and health officials held a COVID-19 briefing to update Canadians on the latest coronavirus cases in the country and discussed the ongoing government response to the pandemic on Thursday.

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam reported on Thursday that as of that morning, Canada’s COVID-19 cases hit 87,902, with a total of 6,799 deaths.

She added that 53 per cent of cases had recovered.

Tam also reiterated caution for Canadians experiencing hot weather, saying that “maintaining physical distancing is the key” when outdoors, and that masks could be reserved for indoor use when physical distancing cannot be maintained, as "extreme heat can worsen pre-existing conditions and breathing difficulties.”

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I didn't even wanna see the video, just wanna check the comments.

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The turd, Tam and all their minions are an absolute JOKE!!

Author — Barbie Dardon


Read from the script. Answer the staged questions. Rinse and repeat

Author — TdotDanger


Useless waste of taxpayer's money, go back to the batcave.

Author — rock n roll


Keep reading the WHO scripted narrative, doc

Author — Sara Jane Constantin


Keep planeloads of unchecked passengers from the hot spots walking through our airports.

Author — Badr Ivanov


Funny how a month or two ago, these same officials warned of the dangers of the general public wearing masks, and how it wasn't necessary.

Author — zoots15


Imagine not being able to think for yourself and listening to Tam's advise.

Author — Mr. Miller


Why aren’t we hearing the number of people hospitalized

Author — Toni MacDonell


clearly she is running out of rational answers...what does that tell you?

Author — Jeff


CANADA. There's still hope!! Dont drink the kool aid 😎

Author — Timberwolf Contracting


The average age of people who die from covid is actually higher than the average age of people who die from old age

Author — john


Deleting comments now Global? Afraid to hear what the people actually think?

Author — Pixel Justice


this is all of the same advice you give each year for all flu symptoms.

Author — Janine Jalbert


I'm so sick of hearing about this disease.

Author — Cuck Norris


Theresa, what's new? same thing over and over? I can easily get these numbers from google. Go home please and get 2k instead of fully paid.

Author — iAngeL


The incompetence never cease to amaze me every time... uncoordinated, no plan, no leadership ... nothing

Author — Dave Soman


Stay home if you’re sick, come over if you’re thick

Author — jonathan


thanks to you Theresa Tam and your fellow health officials for your negligence and all the crab could have been avoided early in January but your loyalty to your people and allowing them into the country to bring the germs and infect us all was your priority!!!

Author — Athena Z


The question for "the map of the ill" was not understood or answered.

Author — D Marion