How To Build Better Magic: The Gathering Decks

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Magic: The Gathering is the greatest game in the world, but it is also one of the most difficult and complex. Just because you know how to play, doesn’t mean you know how to play it well. Just because you know what goes in a deck doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. That’s why this deck will explore not how to build a Magic: The Gathering deck, but how to build a better one.

One of the best, most creative parts of Magic is building your own deck, combining cards and ideas to express yourself and your passions on the battlefield. However, coming up with the perfect combination of 60 or sometimes 100 cards can be a daunting, frustrating and intimidating task.

This video will cover how to optimize your strategy, tinker with your curve, and how to create consistency so that your deck performs as well as it can! Why run 4 copies of some cards and only 2 or even 1 copy of another card? We’ll cover all that as well as playtesting and sideboarding as needed.

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I recently got into Magic with a group of friends and I love it. I feel that my reason is kind of silly though, I like playing out stories with my cards and imaging them in their own epic tales as I'm playing. I guess kind of like a flavour win.

Author — Demon King Nobu


"Don't be a slave to your theme"

But... But goblins though.

Author — Sperium3000


I don’t play MTG or ever have for that matter. I have fallen down a deep rabbit hole. I watched one of your videos days ago and I have watched more everyday. Learning the basics or the game, building deck advise, buying items, or the general value of cards. This channel really does an amazing job of opening up a very large world to someone who has never been into Magic.

Author — Cory


My mom walked in and took a glance and the screen and thought I was watching an academical video. I just wanted you to know your level of sophistication.

Author — Shrey Shah


"It's not about winning individual games of Magic. It's about getting better, win or lose"

It's 2020, as a new player on Magic The Gathering, this channel helps me a lot in saving money, building my deck, and having fun! :)
salute to you, Professor!!!

- Dan from Philippines

Author — Danilo Lizada


Girlfriend: "If you love your cards so much why dont you marry them"
Prof: "Don't marry your cards" .

I'm so conflicted

Author — Commandersofthecoast


“Don’t be a slave to your theme”

*looks at my three decks with eldrazi*

*looks at my four decks with flying*

Author — Robert E Lee


My strategic reason to play only one copy of a card usually is:

I only have one copy of the card xD

(and it's an expensive one so i don't wanna buy more copies just for a fun deck)

Author — runningA


I host a Tabletop Gaming Club at the high school I teach at and we recently got an influx of new players who are all neophytes at the game. This video couldn't have come at a better time. Love your content as always.

Author — Benry


Whenever the professor tosses something in the air to then catch, he looks very awkward and if he does catch it, he then looks very surprised that he did.

Author — Jon Kirk


Something you forgot to mention in the "one of" section is that sometimes, you might want an effective fifth or even ninth copy of a card--one that is not as good but has the same effect for all intents and purposes. This usually applies to lands, like, say, a single guildgate to play alongside your sets of scry and shocklands for added consistency.

Author — DrunkManSquakin


"Just because you know how to play, doesn't mean you know how to play well."

I'm in this video and I don't like it.

Author — The Compleation


I just want to say that your breakdown of how many copies of a card you play with examples just really opened my eyes not only to better general deck building but sideboarding as well. Thank you, Prof.

Author — J G


Despite me playing since Rise of the Eldrazi, I always find videos like this helpful. Sometimes I get forgetful or lost and I need to refresh myself on deck building and synergy from time to time.

Author — Carum Sarene


Awesome intro to deck building! That part about playtesting seems to elude people who think you can just throw a deck together and have it work great right out of the gate. Testing against the current format meta and practicing playing the deck always seem to take the most time and effort.

Author — MTG Unpacked


"How to be better at card game. Step 1: Know what you're doing"
Me: Well, there's my problem

Author — MeagenImage


Helps to finally be told why you would run 1-4 copies of a card. Hells connect so many dots.

Author — sstankfish


This video is indicative of how well-versed TA is in home-brewing. Thank you guys for this awesome video.

Author — Quasi-Angel


Thank you for all your tutorials and guides, professor! I put together my first ever constructed deck that’s actually competitive and went 4/5 testing with the one loss coming from bad luck at land draws.

It’s mostly 1/1-3/3 creatures with one 5/5 dragon. Then a handful of damage instants and sorcery cards.

It’s a Prismari aggro deck, and one of my matches lasted a decent while and ended at 1-0, so it’s good to know I at least have a chance to hang around.

Thank you!

Author — Craig Allen Fravel - CAFcomposer


These tips definitely applied when I was building my Mimeoplasm deck. I started off trying to make it an ooze tribal, but there weren't enough oozes that consistently tied together for a coherent strategy. I had to cut several ooze cards (RIP Necroplasm) and ended up with a clone deck instead. Big thanks to Mitch at Commander's Quarters!

Author — Colonel Greathed