ATSSB 2011 Snare Drum Etude: Full Performance

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 years ago

Vic Firth presents Kari Klier performing the ATSSB 2011 All-State snare drum audition etude. This etude is from Anthony Cirone's "Portraits in Rhythm", Etude #11, page 13.

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think it sounded great. When you get to a certain level technique is from a personal approach to sound. Concert/symphonic snare drum is less about visual aesthetics and more about aural aesthetics. The music is approached from the aural perspective (if such a thing exists. lol) of, "How would this sound if the audience's eyes were closed?" Therefore, you see less of a "set-in-stone" approach with technique. As touching the rolls: I heard maybe one and a half "hiccups".

Author — DrumLuv23


all due respect, but it happens. I don't want to say, "big deal" know. To me, it was evident that she was going for a grainy sounding roll and not a fine-tuned sounding roll. A lot of professionals take that the former approach because of the way that it sounds from a distance. I personally take the fine-tuned sounding approach, but that's like comparing apples to oranges. My opinion: it was a great perfomance.

Author — DrumLuv23


Ugh...lesson one: tuning a snare drum. Please.

Author — Zach Barnhart


@gtrherokid if your a righty using Ur right hand as much as you can is a good consistent sound instead of having an uneven sound alternating quarter notes or eighth notes

Author — David Gonzalez


@gtrherokid it could be written in the score to do so.

but yes it is annoying to watch.

Author — Mark SwanMusic