Tucker takes on Cornel West over Democratic socialism

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Tucker takes on Cornel West over Democratic socialism 4

Has Democratic socialism ever worked? DSA honorary chair Cornel West weighs in on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #Tucker

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"they don' have toilet paper" This aged well

Author — bob123 a


When Tucker Carlson is "listening" he looks like he has never heard a human language before.

Author — Sean Gallaher


Cornell is perfect example of how to interact with the Right in a meaningful non-offensive manner

Author — David Williams


He should interview Bernie if he wants to know what Bernie thinks

Author — david justice


Conservative American: Single Payer healthcare will take away our choices for insurance.
Employer: You will take the insurance we provide for you

Author — Geralt the Witcher


The DSA is much further left than Bernie Sanders. Just saying.

Author — Jacob Rosenberg


love how Cornell refers to him as BROTHER.

Author — Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling


Tucker: "That's silly, and you know it."
Dr. West: "What's silly?"
Tucker: changing topic so I don't have to defend myself (which I obviously can't. This guy is sharp!)
TC: rude, insulting, and disrespectful.
Not one time--not once--did Dr. West disrespect this damp piece of toilet paper.

Author — Curt Seubert


I don't agree with Mr West, but I will say that I love that every time I see him debate, he is pretty much universally calm and extremely respectful toward the people he disagrees with. We need more of that.

Author — Billy Burge


If you haven't heard it already, I highly recommend listening to Joe Rogan's interview of Cornel West.

Author — Kurt Christensen


We live in a capitalist country and we don't have toilet paper.

Author — zachery andersen


This is what happens when you put an emeritus professor of Princeton up against an entitled trust fund baby! This is priceless!

Author — m jagusch


Excuse me Mr. Tucker, children in cages are silly? Stop calling yourself a Christian please.

Author — Taha Yarahmad


Tuckers face when hes talking makes me crack tf up 😂😂

Author — Kiza D WhiteHorse


I regret that I so quickly reacted to Cornel West’ ideas that I was opposed to. I truly believe in a meritocracy, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and excel. I am against any system that allows those who could, and should, contribute to live off those who do contribute and excel. I am for basic dignity for everyone with a system that allows for that. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to do well economically if they work hard and have good ideas. Dr. West is basically a very good man. We differ on how America should go forward to attain an egalitarian system without the power systems that currently exist. His love of the arts is an area that Dr. West and I are in sync - I love the arts and the artists. Dr. West has an unusually clear lens to view the world. I think I could learn a lot from him.



The word socialism and related terms have basically lost all meaning in practical political discourse. So it is ultimately up to us to determine what it means, based on who is using it and the policies they are supporting.

Author — John Shong


I like the way Dr. West and Tuker handled the debate. Regardless of their diverged viewpoints they treated each one with respect and toleration. Something, it found halarious was the look that tucker has given to West.

Author — Mahdi Hassan


Tuckers face looks like he is sitting on the bowl as Dr West speaks.

Author — Joe Smash TV


Such a disingenuous take. Tucker knows that that Denmark or the Netherlands is closer to democratic socialism than Venezuela

Author — sangre delobo


FDR is was Democratic Socialist. It literally worked here

Author — lynn pehrson