Last male northern white rhino dies: BBC News Review

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Last male northern white rhino dies: BBC News Review 5

The world's last male northern white rhino has died in Kenya, bringing the subspecies to the very brink of extinction. The 45-year-old rhino was in poor health and was put down on Monday. His daughter and granddaughter are the only females remaining.

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Key words and phrases

put down
kill an old, ill or dangerous animal

has to deal with a bad situation

in doubt
unlikely to continue or succeed

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Thanks. Your help is highly appreciated.

Author — Fatma Mostafa


It's very useful for learning especially listening skill.

Author — sarinya soon


Whoever has a rhino horn should be ashamed of themselves

Author — jons life


Thank you, Dan. Your lessons are very clear. I'm a teacher and I assure you that I really appreciate them.

Author — Francesco Schipani


Thank you very much for such a useful lesson!

Author — sunny girl


hello all and of course BBC thanks for the different products and programmes specially The English we speak I have a request for the videos could ya possibly upload them with English subtitle ? thank ya already

Author — Bijan Yeganeh


Harder phrases and wider vocabulary please!!

Author — Mike


Thanks a lot, guys! I appreciate so much all your videos! I've learned a lot with your help

Author — Marta Sosa


I hope one day our species goes extinct and soon. I feel so sad that another species is gone.

Author — robert Feta so


Oil industry faces crash in oil prices leading to putting down of their major academia-industry research project. Now academia researcher are in doubt to carry on with the project or to put it down for a while. BBC English team thanks for the video. Please check whether I have used all the words correctly.

Author — Prabhakar


I don't understand very much, but ı love English very much and ı must learn English so ı started watch this!



Dan!!! That's a good Japanese T-shirts!!

Author — 舘山士


Great News Review as usually, but Dan quite often whispers and not only in this video, that makes it difficult to understand and you should guess... I wish he would stop that!

Author — Maia P.


Policy to protect wildlife by a international.

Author — Richard Goode


I caught your mistake when you said sudan dies:world last male not( largest) male.

Author — aqib316


Even Though it's not permissible To kill someone, I thought that it was possible " to put someone down" in specific circumstances. Am I wrong? What verb should we use to talk about this topic, I mean when a physician helps someone to pass away because of serious illness? Thanks a lot to look into it.

Author — Brigitte saint-pé


This breaks my heart.
I am filled with sadness, anger and shame.
With all of worlds wealth, all that brilliant minds, for God sake there are more than a six billion of us, if we only devoted 1% on individual level in effort to save the specie
this would be prevented.
NO. Insted we are focused on harvesting and killing giving nothing in return.
Today i loose all the fate in humanity.
Shame on us.... shame on us...
What have we done.. God forgive us.

Author — Esko HC


A feminist was saying on internet that only women are needed for the survival of mankind. There you go!

Author — Muhammad Furqan


Extinction is increasingly occurring throughout the world, owing to adverse human activities.
This service is extremely helpful to English learners, I would like to ask a favor related to the format of videos from the programme- news review, In some of videos, you did not display white page that consist with both word and phrases. But it is easy to get understand if it embeds to video.

Author — Sasindu Kasunsi