Zone RV Wrap-Up of East To West Trip

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Grab a cuppa, sit back and let Matt and Dave take you on an epic 30minute journey through some of Australia's most iconic 4WD touring tracks. Follow along as a crew of 8 take 4 tow rigs and 3 Zone vans from the most Easterly point of Australia (Byron Bay) to the most Westerly tip (Steep Point), all while diverting around historical flooding in West Queensland and finding themselves on a very overgrown Gunbarrel Highway. This is what 4WD adventure dreams are made of!

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Reg and his Mrs are bloody troopers, great video guys. Thanks really enjoyed watching your adventure 👍 🍺🍺

Author — NZMarkb


I’m glad I kept watching because by halfway through I thought it was a grey nomad trip. The Gunbarrel is a road I really want to do now.
Good Vid..

Author — SLADE330


Epic Voyage! Can't wait to pick ours up, 3rd week of July, 2018!

Author — Scott Stolnitz


That Van with the punctures had HT tyres, AT would have been preferred! Jimmy.

Author — Jimmy Somethin


When cutting bush and small trees A chainsaw would be much easier.. Skillsaw is when your building a picnic table.. :)

Author — Steven Dhanjal


Loved this. My van of choice for next one.

Author — Craig Ice


Great adventure video thank you for all your hard work and skill in producing this very cool film.

Author — Andrew Rockliff


it wasnt an adventure it was just city blokes racing against time like at home in the city''the bush travel isnt about speed and quickness its about taking time out''

Author — lee housen


Ya cudda made ya life easier by goin thru Warburton to Laverton thru to Leonora then across thru Sandstone to Magnet then thru Yalgoo to the coast. Mostly tarseal these days. Agnew to Magnet used to be a challenge tho! Would have cut off at least a day - but then again all that real adventure stuff with chainsaws too.

Author — Jaahda Jinnah


Some good stuff: got the impression that the guys weren't experienced bushies....( worked a bulldozer at Wakes Lagoon Nth of Adavale ....1950's ).

Author — Bass Point Live


Hey ZoneRV how come you didn't take vans out to Steep point? Also why isn't the 16.6 on your website? Is this an option?

Author — Alysha Donaldson


How you know why the roadhouse at Warburton wouldn’t fill you up. Stay the night my friend and get robbed.
One place that I’ll avoid.

Author — max cole


Im sorry but i get a real negative vibe from this vid must be all the talk of turning round and giving up on it all

Author — Adam Spooner


lost me with the borrowing a mates ute? and he had no idea about 4wd.

good luck with very poor ad v information sales gig

Author — Glen Delamotte


Might be good vans but Matt doesn't always want to sell them! Had a look with view to buying at the Sydney show a couple of years ago and Matt didn't want to give us any time, looked as though he was massively hung over and seemed to assess us as tyre kickers with no money?. We bought a Sunland!

Author — Vdj 79r


mmm what can i say drive behind your mate with the spotties on frightened you scratch the van

Author — Dave Bond