McDowell gets AIRBORNE resulting in big crash at Indy | NASCAR ON FOX

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Michael McDowell clipped the curb resulting in his #34 Ford getting airborne and spinning out in front of the field triggering major crash in overtime at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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McDowell gets AIRBORNE resulting in big crash at Indy | NASCAR ON FOX


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Should NASCAR keep the curbs at IMS for next season?

Author — NASCAR on FOX


Curb your roadcourse… lol but seriously, I thought the end was super exciting as long as no one was in danger of getting hurt

Author — TNTMan93


Someone should just make a compilation of all the incidents that one kerb caused from this entire weekend

Author — Nelum Skywalker


Bubba not have been penalized. He was clearly trying to avoid a wreck

Author — John Vandeventer the Motorsports fan 2022


Starting to think we need some small jumps on straightaways now.

Author — Head Knuckle


Just know that NASCAR put those curbs there on purpose, it wasn't just an afterthought. It was Intentional.

Author — Mark


Not the biggest bubba fan but if he committed the 3 wide his front end would look like McDowells so I feel he got forced off

Author — thatone3kidd


Curb said launch to the mass this weekend

Author — DennyDelivers


I was at that race. I enjoyed it. But in my honest opinion, NASCAR grabbed a shovel when they started adding more road courses, and they started digging when they revealed the next gen, and making the Brickyard go from 400 miles around the oval, to 200 around the road course, they dug a deeper grave for them selves. I heard that the next gen car will suit road course, and short track races, I swear, the Daytona 500 will become the Daytona 250. NASCAR, save yourself while there's still time.

Author — 1954Bentley TypeR


Micheal McDowell is lucky the different winner today was a part timer.

Author — Drsamw Pepper


Larson got *R* *O* *B* *B* *E* *D* of a win. 😡

Author — CHEVY5