New Brunswick Bay of Fundy Road Trip

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A New Brunswick road trip is one for the bucket list—one that will tease the senses, mystify the mind, sooth the soul and embolden the explorer in you. New Brunswick is located in Canada’s Maritime region, which also makes up Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (PEI). Bordering the state of Maine to the west and Quebec to the North, New Brunswick is flanked by water on the other two sides of the province, most notably the Bay of Fundy. New Brunswick is a large province, so this Bay of Fundy road trip focuses on the coastal parts of the province.

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I've been many times and I was never disappointed. The seafood is to die for, the people are friendly and welcoming.

Author — Steve Muise


I’m so glad you went to Grand Manan! My favourite place on earth. ♥️

Author — Jaime Nason


Halifax claims it's farmer's market is the oldest continuously running market in North America- it started in 1750.

Author — S Lo


This is a lovely video, thank you! I'm British, now living in Ontario, and I've been so lucky to see parts of New Brunswick, including Saint John and I loved it - and it was February, freezing cold snow! It was a wonderful atmosphere! I could happily live there. It's got the vibe xx

Author — Azurite


Hey Mike, I'm doing a similar trip this summer, did you stay in Saint John for the whole trip? If not, which towns did you stop overnight on the your way?

Author — Tony Porter


Cheers from Saint John, , thanks for the great vid ..Enjoyed...

Author — louis humphrey


very interesting we have a 2.5 foot tide here in south east florida

Author — richard none


Now I am adding the Bay of Fundy to my bucket list.

Author — Sam Bell


Great video! I love living here and you represented the province very well

Author — N e s t l e d


Great video. I travelled throughout NB in 2018 and stayed in Edmunston, New River, Bay of Fundy, and Kouchibouguac park. All places were great!

Author — David Cox


Thanks for posting this great overview of The Bay of Fundy in NB. Excellent video, clear narration, and even though I've been there many times, I learned a few new things!

Author — Andrea Folkins


thanks for the road trip. With COVID-19 and the borders closed, i can't get up to St. Martins, NB, where I've been spending summers for the past 20 years...but it was fun to see it with you. Next time you go to St. Martins, you have to stay a few more days, please, and see all the other wonders there: the miracle beach stones of many colors, fascinating shapes, and many origins from 4 continents; many other geological wonders; plus the two covered bridges over the Irish River; the Country Inn (also known as the Castle): the Quaco Museum; the views from West Quaco Road and from Mosher Hill...Not to mention the Fundy Trail; the death-defying suspension bridge over the Salmon River; the history of ship building at the Interpretation Center; sea captains' homes (some with ghosts); five different beaches each with its own character and geology; and lots of other sights, with delicious sweet clean air, natural air conditioning from the Bay...You could do a week trouble. As for the city of Saint John, you whisked through terribly fast and left out the historic stories of the Loyalists who founded the city. GO MORE SLOWLY, please on your trips. You left me breathless and wanting slower pacing. Gorgeous photography, and lovely hikes. Good job.

Author — elizabeth claire


Nice video i am selecting new Brunswick for migration program

Author — yacine henouz


Hey Mike.

Glad you enjoyed Saint John.

Author — shawn c


Great video, Mike! Great shots. You really sold me on checking the bay there.

Author — Spanish and Go


I love go there for work who can help me?

Author — for women


I'm heading here soon and was wondering if I am allowed to fly my drone here, do I need special permits?

Author — Marina VL


Okay, this is an amazing travel video! You should be producing for the @TravelChannel

Author — GoTravel Video


Nice job... great footage of the bottom half of this pretty province !

Author — dennis schwartzentruber


Muito obrigado pelo vídeo, lindo lugar!

Author — Gerson Mathias