MythBusters- Folding Paper Seven plus times

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MythBusters- Folding Paper Seven plus times 4.5
MythBusters- Fold Paper Seven Times!

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The no more than 7 fold thing was directed at a standard sheet of paper not a giant ass sheet of paper

Author — David H


US Measurement: football field

Rest of the world: meters

Author — the fuhrer epicness


Does it means that Ant-Man can fold A4 size paper more than 7 times?

Author — Abhijeet Shelke


You can bust that myth with toilet paper..

Author — Daniel Rodriguez


*Oh no, this is bad, you guys better hope the lorax does not see this. He will be very upset.*

Author — UnfairBoosters


Anyone else watching it in 2019? It was just recommended out of nowhere

Author — Bidi Perez


3:13 is no one gonna talk about how that guy came jumped and fell?

Author — I'm not trynna be rude, okay?


3:15 Look at The guy who came to jump too it Look like he fell there If you watch closely

Author — Vertti


you can't fold a _normal_ piece of paper 7 times

Author — :y


Myth: The digital era has saved us from wasting paper.

Myth busters: Hold my carrot juice

Author — D C


Imagine making a football field size of paper for an extra 4 folds

Author — Vico Piano


For a moment I thought they were making a giant paper plane, which would of been far more interesting

Author — Sweet lady Succubus


Albert Einstein: "you can't go faster than the speed of light"
Myth busters: "what if light went ten miles per hour?"

Author — carl Carrington


The new rule is that you can only fold a football field sized piece of paper 11 times.

Author — kirby waite


2:51 "That is a definite 10"

Kari: "Why thank you!"

Author — Benjamin Harris


video: **uploaded 10 years ago**
YouTube algorithms: it’s time

Author — Abdulrahman Ayman


10 million views and 10 years...

“Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”

Author — PaoloMorris


“Save the trees!”

*makes a football field worth of paper*

Edit: Jesus Christ this got a lot of likes. Yes I was making a joke. No it wasn’t a direct quote from anyone obviously I was kinda just quoting people in general. Anyway thanks for the likes

Author — Addicted to music


They didn't compensate the thickness a normal sheet of paper would have

Author — Salmonfilms


Paper: am I a joke to you?
"We definitely put this one to bed"
Paper: _cries in corner_

Author — Soundwave Superior