Revisiting COD WW2 in 2019...😂

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Revisiting COD WW2 in 2019...😂 5
*Playing COD WW2 in 2019...😂 * | Dysmo
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Honestly this game was really good the campaign was awesome and it was just well done over all i think it died because of fortnites rise

Author — Alejandro Rodriguez


I get full lobbies every time I play WWII

Author — Zach Jerde


WW2 is better than BO4 as of march 15 2019

Author — J J


WW2 is so good better then bo4 and can still find full lobbies on ww2

Author — Foltzy


I actually think WW2 was a really good cod, minus the release

Author — Ryan Malloy


ww2 was better than bo4.
Bo4 you can't do anything
absolutly no content in bo4

Author — Christoph Wappl


WWII is easily my favorite COD game 🤷🏼‍♂️

Author — JMR 4


to be honest WW2 is the most underrated cod to me it is one of the best except

leave like if u agree

Author — InglesDoXiro DankMemes


Honestly i don't know why people hate this game that much i never get bored of this game until it take a lot of time to find a lobby but for the most part this was my game

Author — Abdiel Fernandez Franceschi


Bruh I think WW2 is like MW3 of it's era : Everyone hated it at launch but after newer games came out and the shittier they got the more we realized how good it was but by that point it was too late

Author — UL Huntsman


Idk if this is just me but tbh Cod WW2 is more fun than Bo4. My favorite Cod is Bo1 so i love Treyarch games but Bo4 just doesn't feel fun to me. Specially the zombies. It might just be because of the changes from perks, and Multiplayer because i think there isnt enough you can do and there are way less weapons in Bo4 than any other cod, and the fact that they are supporting Blackout more just makes me not wanna play it since i am tired of every god damn game company trying to make their own battle royale. I know thats a stupid reason to get mad, but thats just me...

Author — Jesus Martin


B02 snipping bro that will be funny and hard cuz my favorite game b02 is dead 😭😭😂

Author — XxReplaysxX


In my opinion WWII was and is one of the greatest call of duty's ever made. Not only the campaign was awesome but the different types of public matches like dogfight prop hunt and even team deathmatch. I really enjoy the weapons and the backstory. Although I agree with dysmo that it came out at a bad time it is still enjoyable.

Author — Anthony Pighetti


If all dlc’s were free it would benefit all players, I mean we already spend 60 or more on the game... this would help! Also if the deva just listened to the community and updated accordingly hope Mw is lit

Author — Graham Hellmer


Bruh someone run with me I literally drop a 100+ on shipment. Add me ps4 Todahy. I might as well start Yt and i
snipe😭🤦🏾‍♂️🔥Bo3 too😂

Author — Yo Gee


This game is so underrated.

The commando division + division overhaul update has made this a Top 3 CoD of all time!

Black Ops 1, MW2, CoD WW2 for me playas

Author — James Roggero


Everyone gave me shit for loving this game, still one of my faves. I was obsessed with the Nambu.

Author — Laela


Ww2 was definitely one of my favorites aint gonna lie but BO4 kinda sucks

Author — kill_ takium


Least favorite cod but he master prestige level 1000😂😂

Author — Caiden Mclaughlin


I still play this game its only a year and a half old🤷🏼‍♂️

Author — Drifted Fish28