Natural Beach Waves With A Flat Iron Tutorial | Emily DiDonato

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Natural Beach Waves With A Flat Iron Tutorial | Emily DiDonato 5

Create perfect, beachy waves with just a flat iron and let's chat a little too. ;) I discovered this technique to create waves and I love it. It's how I've been styling my hair my last few videos! Enjoy and thanks for watching! :)


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If Regina George and Meghan Fox had a baby:

Author — Meliorism


i was doing this getting mad that it isn't working only to realize my straightner was off the entire time :))

Author — Ramisha Ferdous Rodela


Am I the only one who’s hair is just not getting curly

Author — Sushitrash


I love how she’s just ranting to us while teaching us how to curl hair 😂 makes me feel like I’m at her house for a sleepover or something

Author — Thinara


Omg if you dye your hair blonde you would look like regina george from the mean girls

Author — Brother Louie


is anyone else’s iron way to hot to touch the end of it

Author — ava rockwell


if she dyed her hair blonde she would look like the mom from jessie

Author — Josie Weber


Ahh I wish I had the “my hair is too thick” problem. Haha

Author — Alba Cowles


I think that being a brunette gives that balance with bright blue eyes.. that’s why Emily is so beautiful :)

Author — Paulina Contreras


If I saw her in an airport with sweatpants, and messy hair. I would still think she's drop dead gorgeous.

Author — Lily Silly


To everyone saying she makes the feel ugly: her being gorgeous doesn't make you any less so! Treat yourself right and know you're beautiful too– don't just tell yourself, believe it 💛

Now go out there, be your awesome self, and have a wonderful day 😄 oh and don't forget to stand up and stretch ☺️

Author — Katrina Rogers


imagine having thick hair i cant relate with my fine ass hair that cant hold any style ever

Author — myong2206


I thought you were one of the models in Vogue channel in those wonderful bathroom, you are so pretty damn😍

Author — Ludovica Antelmi


She looks so pretty she could be in a movie

Author — April


can you imagine having hair so thick and luxurious that you need to flatten it out

Author — natalietme


Why it looks very easy in the video but very tough in real life!?
I've been trying to do the exact same thing as the video was playing, but it keeps straightening my hair.
Is it just me or what???😕

Author — Ryan o


Wtf, this is literally so scary. I was thinking about trying to do waves with my flat iron while watching a makeup vid, then this popped up. Youtube recommendations is scaring me.

Author — Lemonade


I thought I was kinda pretty until I see her 😂 I’m the ugliest now 😂

Author — dlnsskn


Honestly I wasn't even looking for a hairstyle but as soon as I saw it is Emily DiDonato I had to click. She is freaking amazing!

Author — Anahi Gardrie


She is by far one of the most beautiful humans ive seen.

Author — allworkandnoplay