Good Game Design - Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

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Normally rage games need to adhere to certain principles to be successful, but Getting Over It shows that it can throw the entire rulebook out the window and still have a meaningful message, about more than just games.

Getting Over It Speedrun by Lumonen -

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“I created this game for a certain type of person. To hurt them.” Bennett Foddy.

Author — The guy that asked


Thank you for getting the core message of this game. I was so pissed that most YouTubers were complaining about Foddy's voice. It's not a bug; it's a critical feature.

Author — SamTheSclam


"Tech advances too fast for us to enjoy what we have, the latest trends make us want the newest things all the time and that makes us become incapable of smelling the roses for a second and keep running the marathon despite having a good enough lead to take a long break and smell said roses." -Blaze 2019

Author — Spooky&Egg


This is the first time I've really heard of moving too fast being a problem for people. I've lived without much money my whole life (though I'm only 16), but we save our money where we can and we've always been on an upward slope. We live within our means, and we're comfortable even when we struggle. One thing that's always been constant is that we won't get things that often. When we get something new, that'll be our new thing for months. It gives us plenty of time to appreciate things in detail, and to really enjoy them.

Author — DarkDragon2344


This game had a really good message but it feels incredibly pretentious. Especially with reward at the end of the game, which isn’t even good enough to call a reward

Author — Lucas Gillette


Funny that you show NieR:Automata when discussing this - it's the first game in years I've said to myself "I am *going* to 100% this game. I haven't done that with a game since SA2. This one is absolutely getting the love it deserves from me.

Author — CorvidDude


Fantastic episode. One of my gaming goals this year is to get back to being okay with difficult experiences like this. Growing up I was never frustrated by the challenges, but the past few years in particular I get so frustrated that I just never pick the game up again and convince myself it "sucks".

Author — Ecto Robotic Games


Question for all, did this show up in your subscription feed? I had a heck of a time getting it to actually work for some reason. Think it's a good time to also remind you that sharing with a friend goes a long way, because sometimes the system screws up and there's nothing we can do about it :(
Thank you all for the support and kind words!

Author — Snoman Gaming


Your comments about not appreciating any game on a deeper level because we’re always looking for the next one really hit home. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while and guides aspects of how I structure my channel, but the desire to stay relevant by talking about the current big thing is always there. I look forward to trying Getting Over It soon. Keep up the great work :D

Author — Dave Talks Video Games


That's why I told my friend that I don't want a YouTube gaming channel, having a small blog with reviews instead.
I want to play games at my own pace, ignoring "hot topics" for years, and then trying them out when most people already have forgott about the game existence.

Author — RumoTu


"Life isn't about about how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward." - These games should be seen not only as difficult, but as lessons about the importance of failure. Because in life, failure can be only two things: a reason to quit, or a learning experience to get insight, so you can try again smarter and smarter..

Author — André Alessi


0:25 I'm a simple man. I see Electronic Super Joy, I'm SCREAMING MY LUNGS OUT!

My favourite indie game ever.

Author — PhilStreamer - Streams and Music


So, the entire game is:

Author — Quiptipt Nyqtphimq


Nice vid! I had no idea the same guy who made this made QWOP.

Author — OneOf99


I did not like Bennet Foddy's game QWOP and also Getting Over It was not a game for me. I usually like rage games but these two were just too hard so those were not fun anymore. I spent one evening playing QWOP and one evening playing Getting Over It and I have not continued playing those because it is not fun. Best difficult games for me are Japanese bullet hell games and Spelunky. I suck at those games but it is still fun to play even when you have died over 1000 times.

Author — Pehmokettu


Smooth McGroove went through a rough time similar to your frustration, leading him to take a 9-month hiatus from YouTube.

Specifically, the expectations were so high that once he completed one video, he felt compelled to keep making media instead of enjoying the things that first inspired his videos. Definitely take the time to explore the games and things in life that motivate you.

Author — Daniel Evans


I’d like to see “Good Game design-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - How to do A port right” or just a video on how to remake it port a game correctly.

Author — Bluster The Benevolent


6:47 John Romero sort of had a rule about this with his Doom maps on a smaller scale. Have a player move through areas more than once to give them more of an appreciation of the 3D space. You aren't going into places just one time, you have to revisit them more than once, and you'll understand how they flow better as a result.

Author — VGamingJunkie


You always successfully convinces me to play a game in your good game design, snomaN.

Author — Kevin Wu


I'm like 80% sure Markiplier was overplaying his rage (though he had me convinced at first.) The fact that Chica wasn't in the room, and he had a spare chair ready, when he threw his first one makes it seem more likely to be planned out, especially considering his love of improv theater.

Author — Tukaro