Stalker Call of Pripyat - Revisiting a PC Classic in 2017 (Max Settings)

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Today we take a look at a legendary PC classic, STALKER: Call of Pripyat. Call of Pripyat is the third game in the franchise and it managed to take the franchise to a whole new level.

In the next video we talk about Stalker 4 and a possibility of that game ever coming out.

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LastKnownMeal, 2017.

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Tip for any beginner to this game, no matter if noah fires first, DO. NOT. SHOOT. HIM.

Author — Essex Class


A wonderfully immersive game set in an alternative reality. After the Chernobyl incident in 1986 the Soviets took advantage of the abandoned area around the CNPP to conduct some very unethical scientific experiments which resulted in the Zone in the game. The player is "dropped in at the deep end" and has to find their own way. No cuddly hand-holding for newbies here folks. Americans may find some storylines and character motivation unfamiliar. It really is a great game though and has a BIG following even Oh, OK. ONE helpful hint for newbies. That mission Sultan gives you when you first arrive at Skadovsk... play along until you rendezvous with the bandits at Admiral Shevchenko. Then shoot the bandits in the back when they start their attack. If you kill them it will help you a lot later in the game :)

Author — Henry A


I just cannot believe how old the series is already. I still remember waiting with excitement for the original like it was yesterday. Appreciate the now folks, time flies.

Author — solomonkain


Gotta love this game don’t know why but it’s strangely addictive. Great gameplay by the way!

Author — moist


*Immortalized alongside the it's brothers, the series of STALKER ends with Call of Pripyat as of now. Though GSC is weakened from loss of developers and STALKER 2 is unlikely to come, Call of Pripyat is a legendary title to end it. Astonishing gameplay, incredible mechanics and an attractive yet gloomy story. For the era it was developed in, an unmatched product.
For the lifespan it lives, an immortal video game.To all the memes that came with the game and the unforgettable gameplay,
a 10/10.*

Author — GamingFreakGG


This game is sooo good.. amazing so addictive.
Perfect example where Graphics not important at all for a game to captivate you so much you'll get hooked, forget food sex sleep...must play
I have a very high end machine.Call of duty: Modern warfare runs 60 fps on my rig(4k resolution), still cant stop playing this one instead :)

Author — Darcek BlueEyes


Seeing this game makes me realize . . what if cyberpunk did away with the voice acting and weak lifepaths, and instead had text-based dialogue along with entirely different questlines for lifepaths . . . I feel like if they scaled down the budget, maybe the game would have turned out more fleshed out. Something about classic rpg and stealth gameplay always seems super cool to me. It's immersive, since you're more actively reading and choosing dialogue because the decision trees are more dense.

Author — embeddedSanctuary


legendary game, played like all mods on stalker shadow of chernobyl :)

Author — fsgRex


Best post apocalyptic game there is. I utterly despise Fallout's overt RPGness. Stalker has such atmosphere it's indescribable..decaying soviet architecture, desperation to survive even when you're not being gunned due to anomalies, etc..gotta play SoC again for the umpteenth time right now!

Author — Sam


I liked playing with the starter armor through the entire game. Best way to play

Author — Colonist7


oh i miss this game, one of my favorite thing from this game is that you can modify your weapons and armor.

Author — Muamar Hanafi


We need a sequel to this game so badly

Author — Taverna do Lobo Branco


i have literally just done the same and begun a new game. great choice.

Author — LonelyLamppost


Pro tip for new players: the only thing changed by the difficulty setting is the damage dealt by any and all attacks.
That means the lower the difficulty, the more attacks enemies need to kill you, but you also don't do much damage.

But the higher the difficulty, the more damage is done. Means you suffer more damage from attacks, but your attacks also do more damage.

Author — Mark Spee


There he is.... The heart attack simulator game:D

Author — Sergei Dinkov


Is there any way to edit the size of the font? I play in 1080p and the dialogue text is too small. I searched online but the only available mods that tweak font size are meant for 4k resolution and they look waaay too big for my resolution.
It's so frustrating. I dont want to reduce the resolution and make the game look blurry and more ugly, but the text of the dialogues is too little.

Author — alefurx


also "buy the farm" is another English idiom from WW2. If a soldier died in war, his family would receive compensation from the military, which the family would use to "buy the farm." A kind of dark joke!

Author — Tommy John


Who's back here and hyped af for s.t.a.l.k.e.r. 2, i am.

Author — Papi Cholo


My Fav series of games, got lost in them. ZOne out

Author — Real-Batman


!If you want to get into S.T.A.L.K.E.R., download Arsenal Overhaul 3 and Increased Damage. These are important.

Author — couchlyntt