Brutal terrorist video borrows techniques from Hollywood

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Brutal terrorist video borrows techniques from Hollywood 3.5
Mohammed Jamjoom reports on a new and even more brutal Jihadi video from the al Qaeda splinter group, ISIS.

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Good camera, expensive editing software, CNN blurs faces. Seem a little


Author — evil epic


The fact they hunted down the man and shot him in the back proves they’re worthless cowards

Author — lil shoelace


I really would love to just get a chainsaw and cut off every isis members head off

Author — ViperJuice


The intervention of US army in the Syrian war led to death of thousands innocent civilian.

Author — wahaj uddin


Taking their fancy production quality seriously is exactly what they want, this doesn't help

Author — Epic Win


If the the nazis can be defeated, surely this isis can be defeated as well

Author — J L


They wouldnt last 1 second in the favelas in brazil '-'

Author — ᴀƞᴛɪʑɪɴʜѳ


So ISIS can make Hollywood level shit, but Josh Fearstine can't make a decent vlog?

Author — john titor


So we gonna ignore how that humvee in the beginning just went to the moon?

Author — A A


who watch it in 2019 will must think that why US force bring out army from there.

Author — Avis david


1:55 i can feel the fear and disperation of this boy...
But i know, he and his brother and father are now in the garden of eden.

Author — You2be


Why did you censor those scums faces? May Allah punish them

Author — Speedbird


1:57 Clearly seen the fear in that boy's eyes and helpless dad

Author — Pratik Smith


This is what Hollywood make a mind of people before do any thing people are fool American made Isis

Author — The Moiz-ism


This is humanity and it's going to turn the same way here when they keep letting them come over and other countries

Author — Jessie Causby


Let me give a description...peaceful fighters of most peaceful religion of the world..carry on peacefuls✌

Author — Kaushik Anubhav


Just a tip if you are going to call isis cows like I am you might as well turn on your VPN like I have

Author — Beni_ tektic


well 2019 kurds they finished all those isis, god bless kurds

Author — paparoni100


0:41 the Hut locker movie bomb scene is cool dude than isis version

Author — hery standoff


*cough cough* nuke them *cough cough* wait who said that

Author — john Dears