Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King

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You are walking down into the heart of a mountain. In it, you are told, is the one you've come to see. Welcome to
the hall...of the Mountain King.

(Please...Don't mention the Nightmare Before Christmas.)

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This music literally represents me trying to find the name of this piece.

Author — Hypsi ツ


Ah yes, _"Everything that can go wrong, is going wrong."_ the soundtrack



Almost every single human being in existence has heard this song. And yet, it's physically impossible to figure out the title without spending more than an hour on it

Author — Litre LaBouef


Fun Fact: the composer came up with this idea after a dream he had where he met and fell in love the mountain king's daughter, but that angered the king which caused him to chase the dreamer around his halls. The music is the sound of the king in his dreams steadily gaining on him as the dreamer runs faster and faster

Author — Alex Lo


I looked up "song that goes fucking insane halfway through" and I found this. Not disappointed to say the least

Author — Second Polish Republic


All jokes aside, this song is just a classical masterpiece

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


0:10 Playing a horror game
1:10 Saving...
1:40 Hold LShift to run.

Author — Seth Ariston Natanauan


Cartoons characters when guests are coming and they don't clean their houses:


Author — Joao Manoel Ventura kormann


The original troll was this guy. It sounds like a calm song, and then...

Author — Everything Thrice


The real pain is forgetting the name of a classical piece like this.

Author —


Year ending: 0:10
Youtube asked for everyone’s favorite videos of the year: 1:00
Ethan answers cute puppy video: 1:25
Youtube opened the link revealing rick roll: 1:35
The entirety of the internet: 1:40

Author — Gonk_Droid14


I remember first hearing this in Little Einsteins as a kid and thinking, "Holy frick, this is awesome~"
I didn't know the name of it until a few years ago, but every time I heard this in some movie or video or whatever, I proceeded to just drop everything and vibe to this. Lol.

Thank you, Little Einsteins, for giving me my impeccable taste in music. 😌

Author — ETPS


I saw an argument on how every odd number has an e in it on a thread, and oh my god this song just goes so well with it

Author — Local Muckbang Professional


I still remember that as a child this scared me, now I find the music funny since I imagine random situations in the drop xD

Author — Sirbuenaeconomian't


My 11th grade chemistry teacher would play this on the last three minutes of tests.

Author — Hunter Smith


“I mean what could possibly go wrong?”
*Truth is, everything went wrong, and pretty fast too actually.*

Author — Fabio Spasiano


This song just reminds me of a big hallway with many pillars are lined up along the way while holding the ceiling. And there’s one small tiny guy compared to the massive size of the hall. Feeling a subtle sense of creepiness and somewhat surreal feelings, he proceeds to find the exit. Everything is just so dark that you can see barely the shape of pillars but you just keep walk, one step by step as every step is of grave pressure. Then in the darkness afar something moves, something big. And It is coming closer, without knowing its intention you just count on the survival instinct itself verily. You start running away. The Hand is coming for you. It is coming.

Author — KuchikuParty


*Covid ends*

Everyone: Yay! Its over!

'Tutorial complete' appears in the sky

Everyone: 1:40

Author — Dented Cobra


when some Austrian guy gets declined in art class and then starts a war

Author — Daddy James


0:00 you talk to your friend on facetime about how boring your class is

1:40 you realize your unmuted

Author — Nebulia