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Russia's Return | Bigger Than Five 4.5

Its no secret that US President Donald Trump has always sought warm ties with Russia. He's repeatedly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin despite US intelligence agencies pointing to Moscow's interference in the 2016 US election.

In their recent meeting at the G-20 summit in Japan, the two leaders made light of these allegations, saying that they will focus instead on expanding bilateral political and economic ties and will begin consultations on nuclear arms control.

Meanwhile here in Washington the Pentagon says the US is underestimating the scope of Russia's global rise. In a new study, the US Department of Defense warns that the US is ill-equipped to counter what it calls Russia's ' increasingly brazen political warfare across Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America"", urging the United States to step up its game.
So, Donald Trump set the stage for Russia's return and the revival of a multipolar world order?

James Woolsey
Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency or CIA from 1993-1995.

James Carden
Contributing writer at The Nation magazine. and a former adviser on Russia policy at the US State Department.

Matthew Kroenig
Deputy director at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security and author of "The Return of Great Power Rivalry: Democracy versus Autocracy from the Ancient World to the United States, Russia, and China Today"

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Good thing Putin exists. If Mr Putin did not exist the Americans would have bombed everyone in the name of democracy and freedom.

Author — Crood


Being a non Russian and Non American, my unbiased opinion is that Putin's increased power helps to keep the world safe from the evil designs of US deep state...!

Author — Ash10 k


The biggest threat to the United States is the Psychotic War Mongering US Government

Author — Faith Virtue


Russia this.Russia that but is the USA who keeps creating war and chaos

Author — Gustavo Aragon


James Woolsey is a criminal and he should stop spreading lies

Author — vesko petrovic


I am in Africa and I can't point to a single Russian disruption or interference in Governents. Russia has simply become more credible and helpful to her friends than America.

Author — Sakina Tanimu


The occupied Texan people salute you Russia!

You are bringing the world true freedom and liberation

Author — Trooper 1139


Puitn is the greatest leader in the world right now. He brought prosperity to his people when the country was heading nowhere after the fall of communism.

Author — Samuel John


This guy’s just answering one thing again and again “democracy vs tyranny and USA vs Russia. Stop playing regime change game and destroying countries by the name of democracy. They don’t want your democracy. The world is exhausted from your hypocrisy.

Author — Chowdhury Nayeem


Ok, I'm from Latin America and U.S is always involved and meddling in politics of every country in the region. Never heard about Russia interference here until Venezuela, but isn't Russia who put sanctions on desperate people. Capitol Hill is who to blame for the humanitarian disaster there, not the Kremlin.

Author — Andrea Tarasova


USA is the biggest threat to humanity today....



This guy is deluded and living in denial.

Author — Said Aden


How is russia a declining power??this guy need to get out of his bubble

Author — Adrian Chin


Honestly! To interview n asking this guy's opinion is an insults to your programme. Its I like this lady journalist, but him!!!! Waste of time!!!

Author — Frances Christine


James Woolsey is a perfect example of American exceptionalism - the rules apply to everyone except us! Without question they have been the most medaling nation in the world in the affairs of other countries; freedom has not been their guiding light, at the root it has always been putting the interests of America first. The world is growing very tired of it and the Americans will sooner or later be “taught a lesson, and life made very uncomfortable for them”. I am not a Russian and do not consider the meddling of America as the promotion of freedom. It reflects perfectly the characteristics of a tyrant.

Author — R Het


Ambassador James: It is clear how much Your upset by the rising of Russia but it is irreversible.
You were ex-CIA and don't forget how many crimes You committed. You are a monster

Author — terefe feyssa


Isn’t it funny a former CIA director is saying Russia is always meddling in others affair 🤔🤣🤣🤣😂.

Between the USA and Russia who really meddles in others affairs? 😎

Author — Hamza Sherif


I like both countries, and don't belong to either.
Poor old ambassador James is a little haven't meddled in my country's business. So they haven't meddled in "every-bodies" business! As an ambassador for his country, he really should be politically or just correct really and not biased.
Like c'mon little buddy. Your patriotic and Russiaphobic we get it. But, your country has been involved in more conflicts (and meddling) than the Ruskies?.
The files Edward Snowden released suggest to me that maybe, just, maybe, you are the control freaks that want to know what everybody is doing and you get your misguided and dangerous noses out of joint when you can't do it.
For once, just once, forget your own are not the best country in the world and the world does not revolve around you. You should clean up your own act, and see how transparent the glass house you live in is, before throwing any more rocks - Just saying!!!

Author — Hexagenium


I love this journalist, she's really good at what she does. Always be skeptical and criticise everything, that's the true science of journalism right there.

Author — Koray


James Woolsey basically described the U.S

Author — Radamanthis.