Arbonne is a Cult. | AntiMLM Rant & Rave

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I just wanted to say, a year or so later after uploading this video, I had no idea it would get so many views. It got copyright claimed from the song in the intro, I saw this when I uploaded it, and thought "meh it will barely get any views anyway". Here we are, many many views on a 47 min long video later, and I haven't made a penny lol. Don't get me wrong, I love that the message is getting out there. BUT if you would like to sub to my Patreon... even if just for a month or so, I'm doing BTS stuff on there, or grab some merch:

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I wanted to get into the actual numbers and legality behind MLMs in this Rant & Rave... why companies like Arbonne, Avon, Younique, Amway, Lularoe, Herbalife, Juice Plus, Young Living, Beachbody, Cutco, Forever Living, Isagenix, Scentsy, doTerra, and Nu Skin get away with scamming people in schemes that are legal, but actually worse than illegal pyramid schemes.
I didn't intend for this video to be this long... there's just so much to say!

Some other MLMs:
ACN Inc.
Ambit Energy
Discovery Toys
Fuel Freedom International
LegalShield, previously known as Pre-Paid Legal Services
The Longaberger Company
Market America
Morinda, Inc.
National Safety Associates
Nature's Sunshine Products
Neal's Yard Remedies Organic
Pampered Chef
Qnet, previously known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited
Rodan + Fields
Southwestern Advantage
Stream Energy
Success University
Tastefully Simple
Telecom Plus
USANA Health Sciences
Vector Marketing
Wakaya Perfection
Watkins Incorporated
World Financial Group
YTB International

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YES I KNOW YOU THINK THE MUSIC IS ANNOYING you can stop commenting now!! Lol this was first long form video I've ever done. I've since improved. Check out my Lularoe videos or my other long videos if you want - music choice is less jarring. Thanks!

Author — münecat


My uncle got sucked into Amway and tried to recruit my parents telling them "you're going to be jealous when I'm making a fortune and driving around in a Mercedes." My dad's words back to him will stay with me forever: "When you're driving around in a Mercedes, I'll join Amway." Uncle ended up leaving Amway a few years after that lol.

Author — Holly G


I once had someone invite me on a Tinder date that ended up being an Arbonne sales pitch hahahah

Author — Daniel J


I used to direct high school theatre. One of the kids mom volunteered to do makeup for our performances. I came to find out that this woman was a MaryKay rep and told all of these 50+ TEENAGE boys and girls that they each needed to buy two shades of foundation, a mascara and a lipstick of their own because it wasn’t sanitary to use the same makeup on everyone. I have never been so disgusted. It’s insanity.

Author — Goon Cookie


About remember being invited to a “gathering” in 2006 where I could sample or buy all these Arbonne products. And *no pressure or anything, * but I could also give them $300 and have my own gatherings....I ended up just buying the tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner, which honestly I LOVED, but I remember being surprised at how difficult it was to buy them again! I couldn’t just go online and buy it. I had to find a “consultant” that might be placing an order soon and give her cash and we’d eventually meet up to get my shampoo and conditioner. I’ve had drug deals that were way easier than that. It shows how the scam, ironically, isn’t geared toward simply selling a product, because it’s too easy to do that these days!! No, it has to be this due-paying membership hierarchy where the “product” is really just people with a phantom carrot being held out in front of them of getting their own due-paying members...ugh

Author — Patrick King


Imagine being the very last person in the world to be recruited, and there are literally no more people left to recruit, so they get stuck on the lowest tier forever; would they then be the only person to never be pressured into recruiting others? Or, do they get sent out on a space mission to find "intelligent lifeforms" on other planets so they can offer them a "wonderful business opportunity"....😂

Author — Becky Tregear Art


I'm not a psychologist, but I'm pretty sure that Rachel Hollis is a sociopath. She seriously just told an emotionally vulnerable girl to cut off contact with her sister who is probably trying to save her from wasting all of her time and money on a cult that Rachel doesn't even belong to. I am so mad after watching that.

BTW - BRILLIANT analysis. :)

Author — Angela Nichols


The thing I hate the most about MLM's is that you cannot leave them (and stop paying the monthly fee, whatever it is) without talking to someone above you in the network. This predatory practice makes it so that they can just talk you into staying, and if you don't have thick skin, it's extremely hard to leave. It's almost worse than religion because you can't just quietly leave and disappear... They'll continue to take your money if you don't actually quit.

Author — Thanks Yahweh


Omg whoever didn’t stay until the song at the end isn’t living they’re best life right now! That was so awesome

Author — Kimbyrleigha


Thankyou for this. Im a single mum in NZ, just recently had to resign my full time job to be there for my sick baby girl .
Someone messaged me to join Arbonne. If it wasnt for your informative video to help people, I'd be fudged!

Author — PIXIE


The arbonne party looked like a cult gathering

Author — Alaideeer


My wife's a Regional Vice Presidents with the white Mercedes and all!
Everything you're saying in the video... She's been trained/brainwashed
to dispute! They have weekly meetings and quarterly "Arbonne Retreat" to
dispute facts and common sense. It's been hard on our marriage and
relationships with family and friends. At the RVP level, understand
we're financially much further behind after trips and expenses. So what
am I left with? A broken marriage, broken friendships and a team of
"Arbonne Cult Members" that will dispute anything myself, family or
friends say.

Author — arbonne scam


As a personal trainer the one MLM that makes me livid to the core is beach body. Nothing like “coaches” who aren’t licensed or certified to train people trying to do my job that i worked my ass off getting. Everytime they contact me, we always discuss their qualifications as a coach 😉

Author — Mars


I understand "rant/rave" is a marketing choice for your video, but this is a thorough critical analysis. It's mathematics and logic and you presented it in such an easily understandable way. Thank you!

Author — Anna Briley


Once you realize that as a consultant, you are actually the one getting hustled, then you understand the game, count your losses and leave it alone. Be kind to yourself. We all make mistakes.

Author — Florence deBear


Did y’all notice that in the “convention” there were only white moms?😂

Author — giorgia


I'm 75. I became aware of MLM's when I was 21. They're illegel here in in Canada but scammers always find a loop-hole. As long as there's human greed, MLM's will persist.

Author — sentra0209


A friend of mine has been trying to sell me Arbonne for years. She doesn't recruit, but pushes products all the time. When she offered me to buy a $50 foundation, I told her it's too expensive. She went on saying I'm paying for the quality, it's cruelty-free and the rest of the pitch she learned. I then told her my Dior foundation costs the same amount of money, and I cannot imaging Dior being worse than she company I've never heard of. She went silent and didn't say anything. MIC DROP.

Author — Yana S


The clip of the woman crying in the convention because her sister "is judging her" legit broke my heart. Her sister clearly cares about her, but this woman is brainwashed to believe that this is her true calling, and all she needs is people to believe in her. It's so sad.

Author — Christina Kambani


I tried the Forever Living shake diet thing about 3 years ago. I got the vanilla flavour and my friend got the chocolate flavour. I only lasted 4 or 5 days, I was miserable, shaky and very irritable. My back broke out in a red rash and pimples. When I asked the girl that sold me them about the rash, she said that was the product 'removing the toxins from my body'. I don't think I even lost much weight on it, maybe just a few pounds, never again! I'm now eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising every day and I've went down 2 dress sizes! I was a size 18, I'm now a size 14. Good nutrition and exercise is the only way to lose weight in a healthy way, there are no short cuts that will lead to healthy weigh loss and maintaining the weight loss x

Author — Lisa Treanor