Who pays the lowest taxes in the US?

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Who pays the lowest taxes in the US? 4.5

There's a common myth about who pays their fair share, and who doesn't.

You might have heard that the poor in America barely pay any taxes. And if you look at a chart of how much every American pays in income taxes, that seems basically true. But income taxes are just one type of the many taxes we pay. So what happens if we add them all up? A new analysis by the economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman did exactly that. And it shows that the American tax system might not be as "progressive" as many people believe.

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“Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” -James baldwin

Author — Alec Gross


Only in America can you hear people complaining that those who struggle with basic things such as food or shelter aren't paying their fair share of taxes.

Author — Константин Георгиев


me: gets my paycheck
goverment: *our paycheck*

Author — Akimbo Aqua


LOL! This doesn’t even take into account tax loopholes, offshore tax havens, the disappearing capital gains taxes, the repealed inheritance tax, the tax cuts for the rich, the bailouts for the rich, and on and on and on. We’ve privatized profits for the rich, and forced the working class to subsidize their losses.



The title: Who pays the lowest taxes in the US?
Me: babies

Author — Opal Draws


It’s almost like being poor means you have less money

Author — Colin Wills


Poor person: *has money*

Federal Reserve: hippity hoppoty your income is my property

Author — Ethan Eblaghie


Kim Kardashian and her neighbour have their own fire fighter.

That's enough saying

Author — Raymond Roy


Don’t forget “charities”, like how bezos made his own charity, donated 100 mil to it, took it back because it’s still his money, then got a ton of tax refunds from “donating to charity”

Author — crashie


This video was just evidence for the quote:

"The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


I think all Americans pay way too much in taxes, especially for the results we get.

Author — MrBobberino01


Didn't our forefathers start a war about getting taxed for everyday necessities such as paper?

Author — Jack Beach


All these statistics don’t include offshoring and overseas accounts that the rich also use to simply dodge their responsibilities to society altogether.

Author — Joel McTaggart


Why do Americans have to pay for health care that doesn’t exist?

Author — duck


I hate money.
Its to blame for nearly every fraud, slavery issues, wars, and political corruption.

Author — Hal Richardson


Just remember amazon paid -1% income tax last fiscal year

Author — Max Nekroski


Americans say people who struggle with basic needs aren’t giving enough money to the government when the richest are giving less

Author — sanctificate


Especially the most oppressed group of all, gamers

Author — The Local Shaman


Vox: Who pays the lowest amount of taxes?

Me: the one who evades them all

Author — CATastrophic Carpenter


All this talk about taxes is starting to remind me of the late 1700s

Author — Blake Carnes