AQW -- You Mad Bro Bagde and Alchemy Rep Bot ~ Packet Spammer for Grimoire

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packet spammer for get You Mad Bro badge, its also can used to Rank Up Alchemy Rep,
[ INSTRUCTION ] -- for complete instruction watch video completely
1. Get Ice Vapor and Dragon Scales
2. Join alchemy and play once
3. Load at spammer, Start and wait until Lim appear in top-right corner
download spammer (xml) here
download grimoire 3.8+ here

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💬 Comments

very important that you have 3 of dragon scales and 3 of ice vapor, it wont work if you dont

Author — naso


potionnya itu harus yang Basic Guard Potion kah biar spammernya bisa jalan? atau bebas potionnya?

Author — Geronimo Geek


Hello I use 3 of each but then it uses up all the dragon scales and stops working. 3 ice vapours left only

Author — AbsolutelyMooged


Its Still working. You only need to do it first time if it didn't work on you first try try to relog and do it again.
I also had 10 ice vapor and dragon scales.

Author — Angelo Dela Cruz


So it works but I have one issue. I farmed 30 Dragon Scale and 30 Ice Vapor. When using the spammer it uses up all 30 Scales but only 1 Vapor. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I want to be able to do it unlimited amount of times without farming every 30 turn-ins. Someone help.

Author — Void


W/Salam i like the way when you salam bro :)

Author — Lix AQW


I don't think this works anymore? Got 3 reagents of each and only works for 1 times then it says reagent run out, so i stack a lot of them to test but run out like in 1 sec.

Author — Joggj Keeel


mine keeps failing. if i set to 100 i start disconnecting

Author — Jed Angelo Garlit


doesn't work anymore
Edit: Still working, just use 3 each item

Author — JJ Miguela


Bro is this still working? I have 10+ of scales and vapor but still kicks me out of the game

Author — Sahic Guro


itu harus ngumpulin berapa ice vapor sama dragons scale, soalnya aku tadi udah dapat basic guard pas spam cuman satu kali
sebelumnya ice vapor sama dragon scale di tas cuman 1 semua

Author — M Ardaffa Elian S


failed gan yang kepake dragon scalenya doang :(

Author — Izzan Faikar R


nice vid!, can you also make derp moosefish badge spammer?

Author — John Juvic Casas


error appears on the website when I book CAPTCHA. the file does not exist! Still works?

Author — Lucas Rodrigues


not working anymore, after the 3rd one it disconnects immediately

Author — Jose Rafael Guinto


Bro itu udh gw coba sesuai step di video, tapi knapa epic fail aja yh terus pas gw setel 100 epic fail dan langsung DC, kira ada kurang g bro gue? Minta masukannya dong bro #say

Author — Silent Reader


I keep getting disconnected. This is bogus.

Author — Kaizer Albert De Asis


8/11/2020 Not working anymore. It kicks you out right after you start the spammer.

Author — John Troy


Disconnect mulu anjirr kesel gw dah hmpir 10x coba

Author — Crmncrnchcx


Link nya ke lock gan, harus minta akses

Author — Felix Good boy