Rush To Build Hospital In Wuhan Amid China Coronavirus Outbreak

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Rush To Build Hospital In Wuhan Amid China Coronavirus Outbreak 4.5
China has started construction on a special hospital in Wuhan to be used to treat coronavirus-infected patients.

The hospital is designed to have 1,000 beds and they say it will be open by Feb. 3.

The country is struggling to contain rising public anger over its response to a spreading coronavirus even as it took unprecedented steps to slow the outbreak, restricting travel for 40 million people on the eve of Lunar New Year.

The government ordered travel agencies to suspend sales of domestic and international package tours after imposing transport curbs on cities near the center of the outbreak.

The turmoil comes as the virus stymies efforts to track infected patients. While the death toll continues to rise -- and now includes someone as young as 36 -- some infected patients aren’t showing a fever, a symptom governments around the world have been using to screen for the pathogen.

The pressure is rising on China as it tries to come to grips with a disease that some fear could rival SARS, which 17 years ago claimed almost 800 lives. While global experts have mostly praised efforts to contain the virus, Chinese citizens are increasingly critical and anxious as travel restrictions grow to encompass a population bigger than Australia.

Beyond the restricted area at the epicenter of the outbreak, major closures took place across the country amid the health fears. Public events to mark the new year were canceled, Shanghai Disneyland announced that it was closing indefinitely, and cinema chains canceled movie screenings. The halt to activity comes during what is usually a peak period for spending, putting China’s economic stabilization at risk.

“This is unprecedented in China, and maybe even in the history of modern health,” said Yanzhong Huang, director of the center for Global Health Studies at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, of the widening travel restrictions. “It’s a tremendous legal, institutional, not to mention logistical challenge.”

The death toll rose to 25, even as the World Health Organization stopped short of calling the virus a global health emergency. The number of confirmed cases in mainland China rose to more than 800 as of Jan. 23, the National Health Commission said in a statement. At least one patient is as young as 10 years old.

Patients with the infection have been found in countries across Asia, including Singapore, Japan and South Korea. Outside the region, the U.S. has reported one case. Chinese tourists spent $130 billion overseas in 2018, so the restriction on package tours could have significant economic ramifications elsewhere.


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Meanwhile in PA, construction on one exit has been going on for 9 months.

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Someone forgot to build a hospital in their sim world

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rushing to build a hospital just for the infected but not a serious problem says WHO

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A Lego Character Said - "HEY!" and now they buildin

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The only thing I see here are cranes moving around in circles

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"Hey guys, do we have an earthmover? Like an scraper or something?"
"No, but we have like a million excavators. I'm sure we can do something with them."

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the US it would take 6 years just to get the damn permits let alone start breaking ground!!

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"The houses are on fire? Well damn, quick build a fire station!"

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This isn't real. This is some boy playing with his Tonka toys in his backyard using his camera to film

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"Chinese rush to build a new massive gravesite" is what the title of this video should be

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Something about all this seems odd..suspicious even

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Build everything as fast as you can before the virus kicks in

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Here before this hits headlines for emergency hospital collapses on patients.

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They wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t something serious cmon people use your brain

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hahaha yea thats a funny way of spelling mass grave.

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China: We cannot and will not allow this infection to leave our shores!

CNN: Hold my beer...

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There digging a huge hole to hide the Bodies

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Their buildings are awful when they take their time. I'm sure this will end well!

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What happens when you rush to build something ~ it's not built right...‼️

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