Amnesia: Rain | Part 4 | WATER MONSTERS

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 years ago

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Hello everybody and welcome to my full playthrough of the awesome Amnesia Custom Story Amnesia: Rain! Be ready for some terrifying adventuring in this slightly Amnesiac stroll through dark and dank halls! Enjoy!

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"Oh, he's just a _friendly_ monster!"

Me: -gets the Casper the Friendly Ghost theme stuck in head -

"Like Casper!"

Me: ...Mark, quit reading my mind.

Author — Autumn Breeze


Admit it Mark... you had that coming as much as you were taunting him.

Author — Enuma Elish


"Story of my Amnesia life: I though I heard something."


Author — Love Z Orange


Daniel: "What I wouldn't give for lovely, big, golden chips & a nice piece of fried fish... even you couldn't say no to that!"
Kaernk: "Oh, yes, we could! Spoil a nice fish..."

Author — AJPwny


"He's just one of those friendly Casper." Awww!!! That was strangely cute!!

Author — Alyssa Frantz


I love how Mark opens the door, hears: RAUGH! And immediately slams it shut... Saying Nope repeatedly before saying, "Let's go to Storage A. Storage A is much better than Storage B!"

Author — R.J. Penfold


lol him going into Storage B "noooope nope nope nope nopenopenope" I always think of Jontron going "SO MUCH NOPE"

Author — Blind Side


Message: "Keep out of the water."
Mark: "F--- YOU MESSAGE!!!" >:O
Message: :(

Author — HenryvKeiper


He is like the only person who plays amnesia who will taunt the monster when he's 2 ft away

Author — Tyler Hoffman


This reminds me, I need to finish Amnesia: Rain myself! It's a great custom story and good to see you playing it, Mark! :D

Author — Kizah


Markiplier your dubstep ending music is my alarm clock noise so I wake up to you screaming every morning not only that but I also receive heart attacks every now and then from it accidently going off on the weekends You're welcome.

Author — Hailley Hawk


Happy Easter Mark!! I hope it's a beautiful one!

Author — DreamingColor824


Great video, loved you teasing the monster, and then dying lol.
Good job!

Author — madroswellfan


"There's nothing being stored here besides sadness and despair"... gosh Mark, don't you know that's what everyone keeps in their storage rooms?!

Author — Chesni Layne


Well, the Grunts (flapping jaw w/ claws) and Brutes (split head w/ sword) are considered Gatherers as a whole group. Then you have the Kaernks and The Shadow (Also The Suitors if you wanna throw the Justine DLC into this).

Author — atticus999x


My friend and I spent all morning watching your Slender-Man: Arrival and your Amnesia videos. We laughed and screamed. Very loudly. Love these videos. Gonna go watch more now :P

Author — ChikaMinaLOL


Neither sadness nor despair permeate my mind when I watch this video. Nothing but joy... and a little

Author — phasehawk


Whenever that voice starts reading the pages from Ulrich's Journal, Mark has the best faces to go along with it as he "reads" along lol XD /)

Author — Ghosthunter 4159


I don't think I've laughed as hard this week as I did at 12:00

Author — Jonni_Darko


"nothing being stored here!"
boxes everywhere

Author — Mauve Moth