How to Combine Multiple Photos in Photoshop - Masking Tutorial

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How to Combine Multiple Photos in Photoshop - Masking Tutorial 5

Take photos with a tripod, in manual mode, then open them in photoshop to edit. I hope this tutorial helps!

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By far, of all videos i searched in youtube, this was the easiest tutorial that i could really understand well. Thanks

Author — Rahul Gaur


I just fell in love with you man thank you. and for those who say he speaks fast, you can go to settings, playback speed to 0.75 🤷‍♂️

Author — John Knoxville


I watched 2 hours of videos before I came across your SIMPLE tutorial! THANK YOU!! Way less confusing and did exactly what I wanted :)

Author — Summer Branstetter


I searched all over Youtube for a tutorial to do this and you were by far the most helpful. Thank you!

Author — CeVo315


Thank you! One of the only videos you can actually understand and follow along!

Author — Twhydra


Thank you so much for such a compact, non complicated tutorial. I learnt so much in a short time. :)

Author — Gab Bee


Thanks! This way worked hassle-free the first try..the other ways I was trying this technique, not so much

Author — Oliver Wallace


Super helpful! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

Author — Tracy Ptacek


Brilliant video, I thought it would be really hard but then I came across this video, I watched it twice and really happy with my multiple me pic...thanks again 👊🏽

Author — Can You Dig It!


Damn, I could have used this a few months ago when I was merging multiple backflip clips. I looked and looked and looked for a good "merging" type tool, but nothing really worked. So, I did it the slow way - I ended up cutting and pasting multiple pictures of myself onto the same background.

Thanks for this! Maybe I'll re-do my old pic and I'll def. use this in the future!

Author — matt0218


Best mult-photo tutu I found on Youtube! Tks.

Author — Douglas Barbosa


Dude thanks a lot for this tutorial it really helped out :)

Author — SOOPERPOOP 21


I tried this today and it worked really well. Thank you!

Author — Gail Heaton


your video is really straight forward, short and easy to follow. Thanks for a great tutorial!

Author — S


Clear, concise, simple. I tried other tutorial videos but came back to this one - thanks!

Author — Mike Inglis


Thanks so much easiest tutorial on youtube!

Author — Rabbid Lnk


A wee variation for loading the images, and that is to select then in Bridge, and go Tools > Photoshop > Load into Photoshop layers. BTW Nice trick with the chair — I was wondering how you got that shot.

Author — Trevor Dennis


is there a way of doing this in is this a similar process?

Author — PMC Retro Gamer


you just saved my ass for my uni assignment

Author — Mary Snell


my photoshop is layed out differently, are you using adobe photoshop?

Author — _ _whenlifegivesyiulemonz_ _