Daredevil vs Rorschach

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Battle IQ and Skill goes Rorschach. R wins high extreme diff

Author — Rıck Grımes


Rorschach is one of my fav characters he deserves some more recognition bro stood up with truth till his death.

Author — ZaYd HilAl


Rorschach to Daredevil: "I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me."

Author — Ray L Rorschach


Rorshach wins because he would never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon.

Author — Lochnivar


Well that isnt supposed to be a hate commentary but in my opinion Rorschach gets most of the points because of him being experienced at the nature of humans, his enemies as a hero. The suicidal nature of humans wich makes themselves their biggest enemy is a thing only he and the comedian ever understood. Watchmen is a fine comic and a fine movie. In both genres of media i'd the best of them all.

Author — Kebab guy


Rorschach can easily beat Daredevil, he could know his weakness of Sonic sounds and has good gadgets and weapons+ he's a leathal fighter and a brilliant detective like punisher and Sherlock Holmes with his excellent presence of mind 😃

Author — Shreshth Dogra


Hey man Rorschach has high IQ he literally make min mine and flame throw from three home available things at killers home in move he got presence of mind

Author — Abhishek Kumar Tiwari


Rorschach has superhuman strength, dura and speed in movies he calps low diff

Author — Paranguatimiricuaro


No me encerraron con ustedes, USTEDES ENTAN ENCERRADOS CONMIGO.


Author — El vigilante


Wow.Im like this edit🔥Can u do Daredevil vs black widow🔥

Author — Tho Tran


I love how literally one everyone disagrees

Author — HermaeusMoron


Ok battle iq goes to Rorschach because he has been alive longer than daredevil

Author — SeoulKeeper


Cap Rorschach made a 1 vs 40 police officers in a building he wins



Please do v (v for Vendetta) Vs daredevil both comic base

Author — James duffy.


Yo what font do you use for your videos.?

Author — Batman with plot armour


Bro thinks Rorschach is faster than Daredevil

Author — Rednix


Hm my money is on the man without fear tho a hard def Rorschach as far as I'm aware both comics and movie is human tho in the movie he's gets a buff for dramatic effect but was still layed out by normal cops and sent to jail I haven't read the comic yet on either but form what Ive seen Rorschach isn't anything new for mat while mat is definitely gonna be new to Rorschach with his fighting acrobat style and Rorschach ambush tactics will fail

Author — Majin Muu


Rorsarch is badass but not as strong as Daredevil

Author — FloppaGOD


Rorschach is not strong at all, he is small and uses other ways to incapacitate his enemies.

Author — Blitzcrank1out


lol, not rly xd
you do like daredevil quite a bit, dont you?

Author — Godzilla