Blasphemous Speedrun World Record - 45:33

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Blasphemous Speedrun World Record - 45:33 4

This all bosses speedrun is pretty danged good except for the final boss giving me bad luck. Sub 45 is possible, but I don't feel like going for it; this will probably be the Blasphemous world record for longer than the last one. I got 2nd try zip through both walls on both zips and everything went decent for the most part, so I'm good. Maybe I can try true ending some time, but idk.

All Bosses Glitched - 45:33 RTA, 42:51 Loadless

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Dude, i got here after watching your amazing run at gdq. How do you glitch the mea culpa shrines? I don't know when to quit and what buttons to press when you reach the shrine.
Subbed and smashed like. Your run on this game is godlike! Amazing

Author — Cantobotz


Well done on your wr
If I may suggest a little improvement, at 26:59 you can hit the enemy while holding down and gain enough air to stick to the wall while keeping your momentum

Author — Lunar Komet