Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake Recipe 初音ミクのクリスマスケーキのレシピ 初音未來主題聖誕蛋糕的制作教程

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Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake Recipe 初音ミクのクリスマスケーキのレシピ 初音未來主題聖誕蛋糕的制作教程 5
Merry Miku-ristmas! For this special holiday season, learn how to make your very own Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake with Tomokku!

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✿It looks awesome, i really  want to do a cake like  but i am so bad really making cakes but if one day i have all those ingredients i will make it!(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ i will make it for my boy friend birthday he love Miku Hatsune (˘‿˘ʃƪ) 

(ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) have a nice day!♥

Автор — Rinny


It's look delicious and so cute i would love to have that cake for my birthday next year

Автор — Vanessa Randall


My mom would kill me if I made this.

I am making this. Maybe with a different picture. But still. DEATH WILL NOT STOP ME.

Автор — Lolli Pop


I love Miku! The quote "Merry Miku-ristmas" is genius and adorable! I appreciate the time you put in details of tracing each color into the drawing. During the process it look silly but in the end when it was flipped over I was like whoa! Anyways the cake was beautiful and cute!

Автор — SokuS.


This was absolutely awesome! I can't bake or cook to save my life but that won't stop me from trying. =P

Автор — Stocking Anarchy


*goes to the store to buy things to make miku cake*

Автор — Clockwork Lily


If you dont have a cool room to work in, you can use cool containers that was put in the freezer beforehand.

Автор — holic-hime


muchas gracias por tu vídeo es uno de mi vídeos mas favoritos ya que es un pesonage vocaloid de mi preferencia Hatsune Miku gracias

Автор — ivan enrique castro lugo


 This was an amazing job. I really like the precision in the chocolate lines.

Автор — Damianmya3


*O* That's super Kawaii and cute <3
Looks easy, I'm going to try! >w<
I love miku!

Автор — Mayuka


(For the contest) when I first saw this I was so happy to see this! I have already bought my materials for my hatsune Miku cake! Just have a different picture I'm very exited! Thank you for posting!!

Автор — Kupo Mom


MERRY MIKU-RISTMAS we're the best fandom out there ok
gdi this cake is so beautiful too bad i can't decorate for my life
your image tracing is just fab i can'tttt

Автор — Becca Chang


That was beatiful, of course i will try to do it :)

Автор — Imelda Olvera


Kawaii cake!!! Ashley ~ great intro!!!

Автор — Diana Ono


I wanna make this for my boyfriend, but I'm scared mine will be horrible XDD

Автор — jellybeanguitarist


Tomokku, you did a really great job on making this wonderful Hastune Miku cake for the holidays and to all Vocaloid fans. Very great dessert for Christmas parties and it's a perfect present to everyone.

Автор — SuperKawaiilicious


She looks adorable(^ν^)

İt looks pretty simple and is well explained! Gotta try this!~

Автор — blurry-er


This is just a masterpiece !! and of course KAWAII <3

Автор — Aryoneee


I will gladly buy a cake from you, can you ship to U.S.?

Автор — RuNaWaY TiMeS3939