Crazy Frog - Axel F (Official Video)

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Crazy Frog - Axel F (Official Video) 4
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The Axel F dance remix of the blue Crazy Frog is a is outstanding song like e.g. gangnam style or the dame tu cosita song from el chombo !

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All music tracks are produced by Reinhard Raith, Henning Reith for voodoo music GmbH
Crazy Frog (The Annoying Thing) character created by Erik Wernquist
All videos directed by Sigfrid Söderberg and Andreas Wicklund and produced by Kaktus Film AB for Mach 1 Records Gmbh

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No you're not the only one who watches this in 2020

Author — Whostam Pro


Fun Fact: The guy that did these sounds was just a random dude that tried to mimic the sound of his motorcycle.
Somehow the ''Crazy Frog'' Team found it and made this song with it. So yes, they made millions with a stolen sound from some random guy doing motor sounds.

Author — CODA


youtube should add an "older comments first" button.

Author — meatball dude


Nightingale: melodious
Frog: I am boss
Talent: ding ding ding dong

Author — MANAS GUPTA 2.0


"most annoying thing in the world"
man, i still laugh

Author — 𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙚


This song is older than 40 %
of the fortnite community

Author — Travis Du Toit


Who else got kicked out of his house for playing this 5 hours straight? Just me? Well...

Author — Grizz


I remember buying those darn chinese toys that played this music

Author — Rainbow Galaxy Girl


The reason I came back was because I was reminded of this when someone showed me a picture of the frog's face photoshopped onto Midna's body

Author — Arcturus


I lied, I don’t actually like sex. Now put your clothes back on and sing crazy frog! What’s going on, on!

Author — NintendoNathan


My sister liked this song, I hated it cause she would constantly play it...

Author — Malachi Rawls


*Imagine seeing a robot guy chasing a levitating gigantic frog at the speed of sound then the frog suddenly appear on some giant TV on a building then flies up the building then goes through a sewage pipe then landed on a rocket for some reason*

Author — PaccoLazyGuy Productions - Broccoli


Foreigner (иностранцы) : oh oh this is very good
Russian (русские) : Да ну да пошёл я на хер

Author — MAX 45


I just found out this is a remake of this 80's movie theme song (Beverly Hills Cop). I feel lied to...this was my childhood jam and it's not even what I thought it really was. Life do be like that sometimes.

Author — Riley Fitzgerald


You did not have a childhood if you did not have this song.

Author — Count Swagula


Let’s be honest

I can’t think of a good enough comment because everyone took all of them

Author — Landon Ross


2009: This is so annoying

2020: What a Good moments... Wait what?

Author — Deku 0w0


8 year old me, 2009: Why is this so annoying?

19 year old me, 2020: This is actually pretty good now that I think about it. :0
Edit: I didn't expect to get over 100 likes! Thanks guys ♡

Author — SpookyLatiasAJ


*2010 crazy frog makers:* l believe there will be flying vehicles like this by 2020
*Year 2020:* I also do believe



I thought this is how americans talked when I was young.

Author — Sneazy_ 102