Gutfeld on Michael Moore's 'man of the people' hypocrisy

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Gutfeld on Michael Moore's 'man of the people' hypocrisy 5
Director Michael Moore may be right that greed is destroying America. But some people say Moore himself is Exhibit A for that problem. His film festival has just been sued for allegedly failing to pay vendors. Meanwhile, Moore's ex-wife says he stiffed her on the profits from films she helped produce. Greg Gutfeld sounds off. #Tucker

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Michael Moore is actually Rosie O'Donnell.
Change my mind.

Автор — Constant Incel Who Just Can't Get Laid


When an Ignorant, Cheap, Fat White man chastises people for being White, or Greedy.

No wonder he's in Hollywood, all he can do is Project.

Автор — Rensune


anybody else tired of rich people telling us how we should be

Автор — rich miller


Michael Moore — Rich capitalist telling We The People that we need to embrace socialism so he and his leftist friends can be our masters. I think that about sums it up.

Автор — Bob


The man looks like a slob, with all that money WHY not get to a diet farm?

Автор — HoodwinkedbyanAngel Michael Fazio


I'm suprised Micheal didn't eat the microphone.

Автор — Baked Creations


Just look at Arrogance, ignorance, self righteousness, and the firm belief that he is better and more important than others....
Moore is a typical Liberal pig.

Автор — mike parrigin


Mike needs to hit up that Venezuelan diet 🤨

Автор — Ming The Destroyer


Greed. He has more than one house. That's greed.

Автор — lft rt


Should we also cleanse the nfl and nba of BLACK MALE PRIVILEGE???

Автор — Sunglass Shinpan


They forgot to mention that Harvey Weinstein is executive producer on his latest film.

Автор — garzatatu6


Michael had a face that just needs punched. . That's all

Автор — Skrilla Forilla


MICHAEL MOORE = Rosie O’Donnell’s brother

Автор — Mr.Sauceman X


Michael is not for anybody but himself🍸

Автор — lynne ling


Michael Moore looks like 400lbs of chewed bubblegum

Автор — Ballsdeep Singh


Michael Moore is a man of the buffet certainly not a man of the people.

Автор — Brian Marshall


Michael Moore is a very sad, uninformed individual. I feel badly for him. His ignorance is a choice, though.

Автор — Mark of Excellence


He wished Karl Marx happy birthday!! He's all for socialism!! I'm guessing he would be very unwilling to give up his money in order to pay for all of the "free stuff"

Автор — Michael Arvin


Michael Moore started in Hollywood as the star in the movie the blob!

Автор — The Derpstate Raccoon


The old saying is true ... ‘If you want to know how someone REALLY is, watch how they treat the waiter.’ It fits Moore.

Автор — Un Believer