Shelter in Place with Shane Smith & Edward Snowden (Full Episode)

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Shelter in Place with Shane Smith & Edward Snowden (Full Episode) 5

Shane chats with former NSA spy and whistleblower Edward Snowden on the rise of authoritarianism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Edward Snowden says the most scariest shit in the most soothingest voice.

Автор — Geo Cyo


Edward is a hero if you ever read these comments Edward I wanted to just say thank you for your sacrifice

Автор — Sean Fries


“cause that’s what Americans do now, they’re always willing to trade away a little of their freedom in exchange for the feeling, the illusion of security and safety”. George Carlin.

Автор — Captain Howdy


“And if we don’t make the decision ourselves, it’ll be made for us.”

Автор — Yanhan Lu


"This virus will pas, but the new laws and decisions we make will last"


Автор — Derek Church


People have to stop pointing there fingers at each other because someone is a Democrat or a we the people need to point our finger at the government

Автор — Jared Carter


The smartest man in the world who is willing to speak the truth and sacrifice his life for country. We owe this genius so much

Автор — Nate Daugherty


To repeat Ed - The emergency never ends it just becomes normalised.

Автор — gcal


I wish everyone would go throw their cell phone off a bridge - that would show 'em.

Автор — sung choe


"Someone will eventually abuse the data, " we all should take heed.

Автор — Matt.


“What is being built is the architecture of oppression”- Snowden

100% truth

Автор — Dee


I don't trust nothing those in power are saying, none of them, Republicans, Democrats, China, America, none of them.

Автор — candowithoutthedrama


I love how Edward Snowden has no need to talk over his interviewer. It’s like he doesn’t have a desire to get his point across by yelling.

Автор — Budd Junior


Wow.... everyone is actually saying here that Edward is a genius!?! No that’s wrong! Let me add to it! HE IS “AHEAD OF A TIME GENUIS...”

Автор — Phanendra das


"When I think about the future, I see a boot stomping on a face forever", -- George Orwell

Автор — Valentino Rossi


and the guy who makes the most sense through all of this is basically on lockdown in russia for telling people the truth for years

Автор — xekul


Snowden is one of the greatest minds of our time. His brilliance and understanding of technology makes him such a valuable asset. It truly is ridiculous that he has been exiled. We need people like him, with his integrity and foresight, to be in Government.

Автор — Nicole Williams


He's so fascinating to listen to, it's obvious that he thinks carefully and talks very thoughtfully and in such a measured way.

Автор — Spookay T'is Me


In all truthful actuality Snowden is a National Treasure when you toss out any bias.

Автор — Anthony West Jr


I'd rather risk getting the virus than to permanently give up living in a free country. Temporary restrictions is one thing, but some of these restrictions and invasions of privacy may never go away

Автор — wrathofpaulii